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Kenny Chesney - Flip Flop Summer (Chord)
Album: The Road And The Radio (Target Limited Edition) [EXTRA TRACKS] (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (101) on 11/22/05 2 comments
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Kenny Chesney
Album: The Road And The Radio (Bonus Track)
Submitted by: Christopher R.
2:13 AM 11/22/2005

Capo 4th Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (C) (F) (C) (G) x 2

(C) Spring's sprung, the (G) sun's up and shinin'
(Am) School's out, and (G) everyone's smilin'
(F) Let's pop the top off, and (Dm) lie for a while
And (F) some take it easy (G) days.
(C) Let's tell that old (G) grind where to stick it
(Am) Put the rest of the (G) stress in there with it
(F) Don't you think (Dm) we've had enough
(F) It's time to get a(G)way.

         (C) It's gonna be another (F) flip flop summer
         (C) Kick off your shoes, and (G) call up your lover
 	 (C) Say hey baby, the (F) winter is over
 	 (C) Let's head south a(G)while
 	 (C) We're going to take us a (F) long vacation
 	 (C) Mix us up some (G) strong libations
 	 (C) No worries, just (F) good vibrations
 	 (C) And lazy days in (G) style
 	 It's a flip flop (Dm) summer, (G) It's a flip flop (F) summer. (G)

(C) Put your coat a(G)way in the closet
(Am) You won't need it, (G) baby
Because it's a (F) clear blue sky
And the (Dm) weatherman says (F) it looks that way for (G) weeks
(C) Baby, we'll cruise (G) down to Montigo
(Am) Raise us a glass as we (G) pass Puerto Rico
(F) It don't matter 'cause wher(Dm)ever we go
(F) It's where it's good to (G) be.


Let's (Am) sail a(F)way, (G) where no problems can (C) find us
We've got (Am) 90 (F) days
To (Dm) watch that ole Teq(F)uila sun rise
(Dm) And leave all our (G) troubles behind us.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Is this track hidden behind the last song on the CD?
-Btate | 11/24/2005
To get this track (along with 3 others),
you have to purchase the CD at Target.
-WildCard76 | 11/24/2005
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