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Kenny Rogers - I Can't Unlove You (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (115) on 12/10/05 2 comments
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Kenny Rogers
Album: Water And Bridges
2005, Dreamcatcher Records
Submitted by: Christopher R.
3:06 AM 12/10/2005

Capo 3rd Fret

Intro: (Gadd9) (Cadd9) x 2

(Em) Postcards and (D/F#) letters
And (C/G) pictures made to last forever
(Gadd9) To be boxed (D/F#) up and tossed aw(C)ay
(Em) Nicknacks and (D/F#) souvineers
In an (C/G) afternoon, they're out of here
(Gadd9) They'll disapp(D/F#)ear without a tr(C)ace
But what they (Am) mean to me
Can (G/B) never (C) be repl(D)aced

  I can't un(Gadd9)think about you (D/F#)
  I can't un(C)feel your touch
  I can't un(Gadd9)hear all the words
  Un(D/F#)say all the things 
  That (Am) used to (G/B) mean so (C) much
  (D) Wish I could (Gadd9) unremember (D/F#) 
  Everything my (C) heart's been through
  I'm (Am) finding (G/B) out 
  It's im(D)possi(D#dim)ble to (Em) do (D)
  It's (C) no use (D)
  I can't un(Gadd9)love you

Interstates and old songs  
Like time they go on and on
I guess I could learn to do the same
I could wake up without you
With these two arms not around you
Tell myself it's meant to be this way
No matter how I try
Some things I can't change

Repeat Chorus Twice

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
i think its "interstates and old songs"
-davidn87 | 12/10/2005
I believe you're right about interstates, it sounds better. Since the stroke it's hard to understand some of kenny's words
-darknight | 12/23/2005
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