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Kevin Denney - It'll Go Away (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (112) on 12/10/02 1 comment
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Kevin Denney
Key of D

(D)CHECK ENGINE (F#m)light came on in (G)my pickup (A)truck.
So, I (Bm)took a piece of (G)black tape and I (A)covered it up.
I (D)knew there was a (F#m)problem (G)underneath the (A)hood,
But (Bm)I just kept on (G)drivinía little (A)faster than I (A7)should.
I (Bm)told myself that (A)it would be (G)ok.
(G)Ignore it, and (A)itíll go (D)away.

And (D)as to be (F#m)expected, a (G)few miles down the (A)road,
My ď(Bm)really nothingís (G)wrong hereĒ went (A)up in smoke.
(D)Kinda like the (F#m)morning you (G)said we need to (A)talk.
I (Bm)pretended to be (G)listening but I was (A)blowiní it off.
I (Bm)didnít hear a (A)thing you had to (G)say.
(G)Ignore it, and (A)itíll go (D)away.

The (Bm)problem wasnít (A)that there was a (G)problem.
The (Bm)problem was the (A)choice that I (G)made.
(Bm)Why did I (A)choose not to (G)notice,
What was (F#m)right there in my (A)face?()

Iíd (D)like to say Iím (F#m)sorry, but itís a (G)little late for (A)that.
(Bm)Youíve gone on with (G)your life. Iím (A)glad. I really am.
(D)I donít know why it (F#m)took me so (G)long to (A)realize.
I (Bm)donít know what (G)else to say, (A)except that I
(Bm)Learned my lesson (A)one true love too (G)late.
(G)Ignore it, and (A)itíll go (G)away.
(G)Ignore it, and (A)itíll go (D)away
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