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Kris Kristofferson - Casey's Last Ride (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (12) on 6/9/05
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Casey's Last Ride
written by Kris Kristofferson
from the album "Kristofferson"
tabbed 6/9/05
NOTE: Where you see a Cmaj7, you can also play a regular C; I think the Cmaj7 sounds a lot
better, but I can't really tell if he's playing one or not.  


Am                               G
Casey joins the hollow sound of silent people walking down
     F                              Em7
The stairway to the subway and the shadows down below
Am                                  G
Following the footsteps through the neon darkened corridors
     F                      Em7
Of silent desperation never speaking to a soul

      F                             Am
The poison air he's breathing has a dirty smell of dying
             G                               Em7
'Cause it's never seen the sunshine and it's never smelled the rain
Am                           G
Casey minds the arrows and ignores the fatal echoes
        F                                Em7            Am7
Of the clicking of the turnstile and the rattle of the chains

Cmaj7                                            G
Oh, she said, Casey it's been so long since I've seen you
Here she said, just a kiss to make a body smile
See, she said, I've put on new stockings just to please you
Lord, she said, Casey can you only stay a while


Am                                G
Casey leaves the underground and stops inside the Golden Crown
     F                               Em7
For something wet to wipe away the chill that's in his bones
Am                             G
Seeing his reflection in the lives of all the lonely men
    F                              Em7
Who reach for anything they can to keep from going home

F                            Am
Standing in the corner Casey drinks his pint of bitter
       G                             Em7
Never glancing in the mirror at the people passing by
          Am                            G
Then he stumbles as he's leaving and he wonders if the reason is
     F                               Em7                Am7
The beer that's in his belly or the tear that's in his eye

Cmaj7                                          G
Oh, she said, I suppose that you seldom think about me
Now, she said, now that you've a family of your own
Still, she said, it's so blessed and good to feel your body
Lord, she said, Casey it's a shame to be alone

C  Am7  G  C

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