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LeAnn Rimes & Bon Jovi - Till We Aint Strangers Anymore (Chord)
Album: Family (2007)
Submitter: Ray Terry (114) on 4/15/08 1 comment
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Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
Leann Rimes & Bon Jovi
Album: Family

Intro: G-D-Em-C

             G                            D
It might be hard to be lovers, but it's harder to be friends
       Em                         C
Baby, pull down the covers, it's time you let me in
        G                         D                             Em   D   Am
Maybe light a couple candles and I'll just go ahead and lock the d-o-or
           C                      D                              G
If you'll just talk to me, baby,     till we ain't strangers anymore

G                                     D
Lay your hand on my pillow, I'll sit beside you on the bed
Em                                       C
Don't you think it's time we said some things we haven't said
     Bm                        D                                             Em  D-Am
It ain't too late to get back to that place, back to what we thought it was be-fore
               C          D                              G
Why don't you look at me,    till we ain't strangers anymore

                Em          C                   G                D
Sometimes it's hard to love me, sometimes it's hard to love you too
             Em     C             G                 D
I know it's hard believing, that love can pull us through
            Bm   C       G                                    Am  C-G
It would be so easy, to live your life with one foot out the door
      C             D                              C   G-D
Just hold me, baby,    till we ain't strangers anymore

Instrumental: C-G-D-G-D-C
      G       Em          C                  G             D     
It's hard to find forgiveness, when we just turn out the lights
             Em           C              G                        D
It's hard to say you're sorry, when you can't tell wrong from right
            Bm   C         G                                     Am
It would be so  easy, to spend your whole damn life just keepin score 

                  G                   D 
So let's get down to it baby, there ain't no need to lie
        Em                               C
Tell me who you think you see, when you look into my eyes
Let's put our two hearts back together 
      D                            Em    Am
And leave the broken pieces on the fl-oo-r
       C                 D                             G   D-Em
Make love with me, baby,   till we ain't strangers anymore

 C                      G        D  Em
We're not strangers anymore,  yea 
                C                           G
We're not strangers, were nor strangers anymore

Outro: D-Em-C-G-D-Em-C-G-D-Em-C-G
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I think you may find that the progression for "and i'll just gop ahead and lock the door" and subsequent progressions is
Try it out..
Electric Rodeo
-electricrodeo | 11/6/2009
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