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Lee Greenwood - Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands (Chord)
Album: Inside Out (1982)
Submitter: WildCard76 (231) on 7/22/21
Month Views: 32 | Total Views: 148
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Lee Greenwood
Album: Inside Out
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Intro: (Csus4) (C) (Csus4) (C)

(Fsus4) She stood before (F) God, her (Fsus4) family and (F) friends
And (Gsus4) vowed that she'd (G) never love (Gsus4) anyone else ag(G)ain
Only (C) me (Csus4) (C)
As (Fsus4) pure as her (F) gown of white (Fsus4) she stood by my (F) side
And (Gsus4) promised that she'd (G) love me (Gsus4) till the day she (G) died
(Csus4) Lord, please for(C)give her (Csus4) even though she (C) lied
'Cause (Fsus4) you're the only (F) one who knows just (G7) how hard she tried

   She had a (Csus4) ring on her (C) finger and (Csus4) time on her (C) hands
   The (Fsus4) woman in her (F) needed the (Fsus4) warmth of a (F) man
   The (Gsus4) gold turned (G) cold in (Gsus4) her wedding (G) band
   It's just a (Dm) ring on your finger
   When there's (G7) time on your (C) hands (Csus4) 

(C) (Csus4) (C) (Csus4) (C) (Csus4) 

When I add up all the countless nights she cried herself to sleep
And all the broken promises I somehow failed to keep
I can't blame her
I'm the one who left her too many times alone
In a three bedroom prison she tried to make a home
Her love slowly died but the fire inside still burned
In the arms of a stranger was the only place left to turn

Repeat Chorus Twice and Fade Out 
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