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Linda Ronstadt & J.D. Souther - Prisoner In Disguise (Chord)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 12/1/18
Month Views: 41 | Total Views: 2,987
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Prisoner In Disguise.
Linda Ronstadt.
Album: Prisoner In Disguise.

Intro: C G C

You think the love,
You never had might save you,
    C    G7   Am7            D7/F# G
But true love takes a little time,
    Am7                    Dm7    G
You can touch it with your fingers,
    Am7                 Dm7
And try to believe your eyes,
      Am Dm  G      E
Is it l--ove or lies.

Abaug     Am7
So you're keeping your distance,
                G     C
A little bit of room around you,
C                 F           C       Am7
But if he doesn't return your call on time,
Dm    G7
Oh my my,
C/G      G7  Am7                  Dm7
You just act like a fool on a holiday,
        Am7                       Dm7
There's nothing that you wouldn't try,
C        Dm7  Fmaj7    G7    C
You must be a prisoner in disguise.

          Gdim7 C      Gdmi7 C  Fm
Well this night life is my  life,
Fm                           Bb
But there's no one else in it,
Bb                                   Eb  G7
And sometimes those lonesome breezes bl--ow,
        Bb  C         Gdim7    C      Fm
But it's no show so you might as well go,
If you think you could win it,
Dm                 Am7    Dm7 G
Without losing and letting it show.

Break: G7 C G Eb Adim7/G C G C Ebmaj7 C G C Ebmaj7

    Cm      C
The city is no place to hide in,
Cm        Ebmaj7     C     Ebmaj7
Everybody knows your number,
And you know that, 
          Dm7   G6 Am7    Dm     G
You could never be alone, if you tried,
         Am7                          Dm7
You just run like a man with no reason to run,
    Am7              G/F  F  Fmaj7
And no place to ever arr--ive,

C        G  C         Cmaj7 C
You must be a prisoner,
          C/D  C         G
Look just like a prisoner,
     C        Dm   G7             C
Well you must be a prisoner in disguise. 
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