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LoneStar - Cheater's Road (Chord)
Album: Crazy Nights (1997)
Submitter: twizzle05 (124) on 4/1/05
Month Views: 15 | Total Views: 3,190
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Cheater's Road--Lonestar
written by Sellers/Rice
From the album "Crazy Nights"
Corrections welcome.

INTRO: C F  C F G    C F   C F G     

Down a dirt road down in southern Lousiana
                                   F  F    F
Flew a white Continental with the top laid back
Pretty blonde sittin' on the seat of red leather
                          F    F     F           G G    C
Dust blowin' out of those well-worn tracks she's goin' back

Moss hangin' down like beards in the bayou
Old folks watchin' from their rockin' chairs
Ain't no place for a girl of her station
Gonna ruin her reputation but she don't care 'cause he's waitin there
She's gonna say

F             C
Tell me you think that I'm pretty
F            C
Tell me you think that I'm smart
F            C                                  G                C
Tell me anything and I'll believe it 'cause I'm listenin with my heart
Bb                               G
Maybe it's wrong but that's the way it goes
         F                         C
When the only love you get is down Cheater's Road


Bed springs rubbin' her back through the blanket
Sweat like a tear rollin' down her neck
Watchin' him pullin' down the shades on the window
She'd rather have him than an empty bed and her self respect
And she says



(muted chords)
Old man countin' his money in the city
Nothin' but the bottom dollar on his mind
The whole situation is a downright pity
He didn't even notice when she crossed that line when she crossed that line
When she said



Down Cheater's Road

   C             F                     C  F  G  
Oh tell me you think that I'm pretty
     C          F                       C  F   G
Oh tell me you think that I'm smart

REPEAT and fade 
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