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LoneStar - From There To Here (feat. Randy Owens) (Chord)
Album: Let's Be Us Again (2009)
Submitter: palamin0 (39) on 5/22/04 1 comment
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Artist: Lonestar 	 
Title:  From There To Here  (feat. Randy Owens)
CD: Let's be us again
relesed: May 25, 2004
chords by: palamin0 at

Lonestar - From There To Here (feat. Randy Owens)

Intro - A - Bm - D - A

(verse 1)
A                                         Bm
Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright built wings out of wood an steel,
D                                    A
Folks said that thing will never fly, they said watch that it will,
We've been defying gravity now going on a hundred years,
It was paper wings, and paper dreams, 
That's how we got from there to here,

(verse 2)
A                                                  Bm
A nickle bought a soda pop a way back then, and a movie only cost a dime,
         D                                         A
He came home with a star and a purple heart, she waited all that time,
Today they'll cut a golden wedding cake, how they made it all those years,
It had to be tough they just said it was love,
That's how they got from there to here,

A-F-F#m                    A                     D               A
     You either do or you don't believe that it can or can't be done,
A-F-F#m                         A                        D
     Without some faith and a touch of grace and it can happen, 

to anyone,

(verse 3)
-------NO    Chords-------->               Bm
Poor boys lots of noise two car garage, hey turn those guitars down,
D                                               A
They couldn't know that the word would grow in time to love that sound,
They headed out in a beat up van and a u-haul packed full of gear,
The road was long but their will was strong,
That's how they got from there to here,

(lead - A - Bm - D - A)

(verse 4)
A                                                       Bm
Yea they got a bus but you can bet they'd walk just to hear another crowd cheer,
It was a song and a prayer and a lot of luck and you,
                           A - Bm        D
That got us from there to here,   oh yeah,
Got us from there to here,

Outro - A - Bm - D - A

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At the end of the first verse instead of paper wings and paper dreams, it's supposed to be: It was paper wings, faith and dreams. That is from the cd booklet
-wavwarrior2002 | 4/8/2005
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