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LoneStar - I've Gotta Find You 2 (Chord)
Album: Lonely Grill (1999)
Submitter: WildCard76 (105) on 8/1/04
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 4,095
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Album: Lonely Grill
Submitted by: christopher r.
4:52 AM 8/1/2004

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: (Dsus4)  (D)  (Dsus2)  (D)  (Dsus4/B)  (D/B)  (Asus4)  (A) 

(Dsus4) I've got this (D) dream that (Dsus2) won't go a(D)way
When (Dsus4/B) I close my (D/B) eyes you're (G/B) there night and (D/B) day
(Gadd9) Baby whatever it (Aadd4) takes (A) I've gotta (Dsus4) find (D) you (Dsus2) (D)

Are you (Dsus4) someone I (D) know or that (Dsus2) I'll meet by (D) chance
Are (Dsus4/B) you somewhere (D/B) close or in a (G/B) far away (D/B) land
Across the (Gadd9) ocean or burnin' (Aadd4) sand, (A) I've gotta (Dsus4) find (D) you (Dsus2) (D)

I've gotta (Dsus4) find (D) you
Don't care (Dsus2) how long it (D) takes
I know when (Bm) I do it'll be worth the wait
With (Em) God as my witness and (Asus4) love as my guiding (Dsus4) star (Dsus2) (D)
Maybe Mi(Dsus4)am(D)i on (Dsus2) some sandy (D) beach
New York (Bm) City making waves on wall street
(Gadd9) No matter where you (Aadd4) are (A)
I've gotta (Dsus4) find (D) you (Dsus2) (D)
I've gotta (Dsus4/B) find (D/B) you (Asus4)  (A) 

(Chords are the same as first 2 verses)

You could be a checker at the grocery store
For all I know you're the girl next door
One thing I know for sure, I've gotta find you

You might be a waitress workin' your way through school
Or the anchor person on the six o'clock news
Only my heart knows who, I've gotta find you

Repeat Chorus

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