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LoneStar - Mr. Mom (Intro)
Album: 16 Biggest Hits (2009)
Submitter: KeithWest07 (0) on 10/30/04 7 comments
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 4,971
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Here's the intro for Mr. Mom by Lonestar. It's also the main riff throughout the entire song. 
This is my first tab so if its not perfect sry. Standard Tuning

E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D --------------------8-10-8--------------8-10-12-10-8-----------------------------
A --------8-h-10--------------8-h-10-----------------------10-8---------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
sounds good....great job
-kyle_tx | 11/1/2004
real close but i think it goes 8-10/12-12-10-8, again i think i am cot for sure but a good tab
-lofton7fan | 11/4/2004
yeah...I also added the second 12 in there
-kyle_tx | 11/10/2004
yep 2, 12s
-jchad41 | 11/11/2004
I agree with them two...the 2 12's sounded realllllly good! great job

-cardinals_05 | 11/26/2004
Good tab, but i also think it sound better during the first part to go A 8h10------------------------------------ D -----8-8s10~~-8-------------------------
-poe1407 | 11/27/2004
try going with yes the 2 12's and back up to the D string on the final 8
-gyrothepyro906 | 1/26/2005
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