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LoneStar - My Front Porch Looking In "capo 1" (Chord)
Album: From There to Here, Greatest Hits (2003)
Submitter: Trenton (0) on 7/24/03 11 comments
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Capo 1:
Tabbed by: tvaughan at

This is how the lead part is played I'll try to get that tabbed soon, 
Here are the chords with Capo 1. palamin0 at 
did a great Capo 3, but this one works with the lead stuff.

Intro: E-F#m-A-B
    E             B
The only ground I ever owned
    F#m            A
Was sticking to my shoes,
    E                B
Now I look out my front porch, 
        C#m       A
At this panoramic view,
      E                  B
I can sit and watch the fields fill up,
     F#m            A
With rays of golden sun,
            E               B
I watch the moon lay on the fences,
     C#m                A
Like thats where it was hung.

My blessings are in front of me,
A                  E
It's not about the land,
I'll never beat the view,
From my front porch looking in.

          E                    F#m
There's a carrott top that can barley walk,
       A            B
With a sippy cup of milk,
         E                     F#m                
A little blue eyed blonde with shoes on wrong,
          A              B
Cause she likes to dress herself,
             C#m       A     B              Cm
And the most beautiful girl holdin' both of them,
        D    A D    A   B
And the view I love the most,
Is my front porch looking in.

     E                  B
I've traveled here and everywhere,
 F#m         A
Following my job,
     E                  B
I've seen the paintingd from the air,
        C#m             A
Brushed by the hands of God,
    E                 B 
The mountains and the canyons reach,
     F#m            A
From sea to shining sea,
            E                B
But I can't wait to get back home,
       C#m             A
To the one he made for me.

Cause everywhere I'll ever go,
A                  E 
And everwhere I've been,
Nothing takes my breath away,
like my front porch looking in.

(Chourus & Lead)

G                A            
I see what beautiful is about,
G                A
When I'm looking in, 
Not when I'm looking out

(Chourus & Fade out)

Have fun, I'll work up the lead part or 
if you know it you are welcome to cut
and paste with anything I put up here.

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Ops, i meant to put that the Cm
sounds best as 557765, Am bared to the 5th fret, or forth if you count from the capo.
Have fun
-Trenton | 7/24/2003
You sure the Fm you put isn't supposed to be
and F#m? That is what is usually used in Key
of E....
-lmofle | 7/24/2003
Yeah good tab but for the Fm. As mofle said it is F#m.
Other then that perfect to palaminos tab :)
-yinielin | 7/24/2003
Thanks for the correction. I guess that is what I was playin i just typed it wrong.
can I change it on the tab or do I
have to type it all over?
-Trenton | 7/24/2003
Go ahead call me a STUPID $#@
I just saw the button at the top
I'll fix it. Thanks again.

-Trenton | 7/24/2003
Can I get a rating or what??!?!?!?
just playing, Palamin0 gets the credit
I just transposed it. Thanks for a great
tab palomin0
-Trenton | 7/24/2003
The Cm is C#m
-yinielin | 7/25/2003
I don't think there is such a thing
as C#,,maybe D flat, but no C#..
I may be wrong not to great at music
theory but I dont think there is a C#.
But then again Dflat, and C# would
be the same thing, a half between
C & D. Cool, If thats what it is I'll change it.
-Trenton | 7/25/2003
Yes its a matter of the way you learned. You are
right C#m and Dbm are the exact same chord. I just
learned with #s more then flats so thats what term
I use.
-yinielin | 7/26/2003
Cool, sounds good to me. I was
also taught to sing on top of
a note, not on the bottom
of it so i guess thats in a way
more on the sharp side than the flat.
-Trenton | 7/26/2003
this is a great song, just a note for those who may be interested.
as trenton says, this is played with capo on 1st fret for lead,
but if theres 2 of you, the rhythm guitar is played with
capo on the 3rd fret (see palamino's submition) and you
can even simulat the fiddle by hammering with the D formation.
Let us know what you think.
Good on you guys
-Diz | 5/1/2004
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