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Mark Chesnutt - Thank God For Believers (Chord)
Album: Thank God For Believers (1997)
Submitter: matellmon (67) on 1/26/02
Month Views: 16 | Total Views: 5,135
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A       D                        Bm
  Last night I came home again Three sheets to the wind
G                                    A
Broke the promise I swore I'd never break
D                              Bm
And it came as no surprize to see the hurt in her eyes
G                     A               D
Or the bible on the table where she prayed
      Bm                           G                  D
This time I thought for sure that she was as good as gone
    Bm                  A              G              A
But she just wiped her tears away and put some coffee on

D            Bm       G           A
I don't know why she even hangs around 
D                    Bm                        
After all the hell I put her through 
         G                  A
and the times I've let her down
Bm             G                D               G
She has more faith in me than anyone has ever found
        Bm               A
Heaven knows how much I need her
Thank God for belie-vers

A           D                           Bm 
   She say boy I still love you She's stronger then the 90 proof
G                           A
I sent coursing through my veins
She says don't give up the fight
Before long you'll get it right
G                  A                 D
I wish to God that I could feel the same
Bm                    G                D
Sunday morning here beside her in the pew
Bm                  A             G                 A
Through blood shot eyes I try to see her point of view


        Bm               A
Heaven knows how much I need her
Thank God for belie-vers
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