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Martina McBride - Wrong Again (Chord)
Album: Martina McBride - Greatest Hits (2001)
Submitter: axehappy (6) on 1/27/02 2 comments
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Martina McBride - Wrong Again

By axehappy - axehappy at

C     =   x32010                    C/B     =   x2201x

Am    =   x02210                    C/G     =   332010

F     =   x33211                    G       =   320003

Dm    =   xx0231                    Gsus    =   320013

G7    =   320001                    Em      =   022000

Fadd9 =   xx3210                    A       =   x02220

D     =   xx0232                    F#m     =   244222

Asus  =   x02230                    Bm      =   x24432


C  C/B  Am  C/G  F  G  C  G

C        C/B    Am            C/G   F   C/G    Dm     Gsus  G       
From the day we met, you made me forget all my fears.
C         C/B     Am           C/G     F   C/G    Dm     
Knew just what to say, and you kissed away all my tears.
G G7   C
I knew this time I had finally found,
Someone to build my life around,
Fadd9            G
Be a lover and a friend.
Fadd9 G   C
Af  - ter all my heart had put me through,
I knew that it was safe with you,
Fadd9                   Gsus
What we had would never end.
  G    C     C/B  Am  G
Wrong again...

C    C/B  Am                 C/G    F     C/G     Dm    Gsus  G
Everybody swore, they'd seen this before, we'd be fine.
C         C/B     Am           C/G         F  C/G     Dm
And you'd come to see that you still loved me in good time.
G   G7   C
And they said there's nothing you can do,
It's something that he's going through.
Fadd9               G
Happens to a lot of men.
Fadd9  G   C
And    I   told myself that they were right,
That you'd wake up and see the light.
Fadd9                   Gsus
I just had to wait 'til then .
  G    C
Wrong again....

C  C/B  Am  G  F  Gsus  G  A

And it seemed to me the pain would last,
My chance for happiness had passed.
G                         A
Nothing waiting round the bend.
G A   D
I was sure I'd never find someone,
To heal the damage you had done.
G                         Asus
My poor heart would never mend.
  A    D     A  Bm  
Wrong again....
Asus   A    D     A  Bm  Asus  A  D
Wr  -  ong again....

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
this sounds good, i absolutely LOVE this song, its beautiful
-petunia | 5/17/2003
thanks I luv this song even though it reminds me of my ex... slash friend!I thought we were gonna make it and so did everyone else in the school! but o well that s3!( happens!u know?
-singerchick8928 | 9/14/2004
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