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Merle Haggard - Big Butter & Egg Man (Chord)
Album: Kern River (1985)
Submitter: cotswoldkid (10) on 3/10/18
Month Views: 10 | Total Views: 1,303
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Big Butter & Egg Man.
Merle Haggard.
Album: Kern River.

Intro: F Dm6 Bb C7 F C7/E
    Fmaj7                  G7  Dm6
She wants a big butter and egg man,
     C6                  C Dm
From way out in the west,
Fmaj7               Abm      Gm7         C7
Well, she's getting tired of dancing all night,
G7                     C7       
Just wants somebody to hold her tight.

              F7                 Bb
She said that fancy clothes have never be mine,
D                       G7           Caug
Just wait some day that sun is gonna shine,
F                      Dm  G7
She wants a butter and egg man,
C7               F       C
From California, U.S.A., alright.

Break: F G7 C7 F Fmaj7 Abm Gm C7 G7 C7 
F Bbmaj7 D7 G7 C6 F G7 Dm C7 F Dm6 Gm7
C7 Fmaj7 Abm7 Gm7 G7 C7 F6 Bb D6 G7 C6
G F C F6 G7 Gm7 C7 Fm Fmaj7
Fmaj7                             Dm6
Well, I'll be your big butter and egg man,
Gm                   F
From California, U.S.A.
      Abm6        Gm6           C7
On my guitar I'll play some hot licks,
Dm6                         C
Hey, that's the technique I use on all the chicks,
         F                       Bb
Well, my butter's number one, my eggs are grade A ,
D                         A6      G7      D
I can make delivery up to fifteen times a day,
F                       Dm6
I'll be your butter and egg man,
Gm7         C7       F  
From California, U.S.A.
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