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Merle Haggard - I Always Get Lucky With You (Chord)
Album: Big City (1981)
Submitter: matellmon (24) on 2/20/02 1 comment
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         A              A+
I've had good luck, and bad luck
       D          D#o
And no luck, it's true,
      A          E          A    E  
But I always get lucky with you.

         A               A+
I've been turned on, and turned down
         D             D#o 
When the bars close at two,
      A          E          A     A7 
But I always get lucky with you.

         D           D#o             A      E7  A 
I've had two strikes against me most all of the time
              B7                             Bm7     E7
And when it's down to just a phone call, I'm minus a dime.

         A              A+
I've had good days, and bad days,
    D               D#o 
But when the day is through
  A          E          A     Ao
I always get lucky with you
      A          E          D     A
Oh, I always get lucky with you.
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I love this song. George Jones also does it.
Also, for those who don't know what the plus
sign and the little circle sign mean in the
chords: The plus sign means that its is an
augmented chord, meaning you sharpen the 5th
of the chord a semi-tone.The little circle
sign means diminished, flatten the fifth.
-macg1 | 8/25/2005
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