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Merle Haggard - Ramblin' Fever (Chord)
Album: Ramblin' Fever (1977)
Submitter: matellmon (28) on 2/20/02 4 comments
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       G                               C
My hat don't hang on the same nail too long
   G                                     D
My ears can't stand to hear the same old song
      G                  G7          C
And I don't leave the highway long enough
To bog down in the mud
G                       D               G
Cause I've got ramblin' fever in my blood

I caught this ramblin' fever long ago
When I first heard a lonesome whistle blow
If someone said I ever gave a damn
They damn sure told you wrong
I've had ramblin' fever all along

G        C              G                            D
Ramblin' fever, the kind that can't be measured by degrees
G        C                 G              D           G
Ramblin' fever, there ain't no kind of cure for my disease

D7      G                               C
There's times I'd like to bed down on a sofa
    G                           C
And let some pretty lady rub my back
C                      Am   C        G
And spend the early morning drinking coffee
                          D           G
And talking about when I'll be coming back

G                                      C
Cause I don't let know no woman tie me down
         G                         D
And I'll never get too old to get around
          G                              C
I'm gonna die along the highway and rot away
C                       G
Like some old high-line pole,
Rest this ramblin' fever in my soul

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e ----2-------
B ----2-------
G ----2-------
D ----4-------
A ----4-------
E ----2-------
-txmav03 | 4/26/2003
Perfect thanks buddy you should tab out more hag songs

-Jason2000 | 5/2/2005
good tune
-hagfan357 | 7/15/2008
Good Tune. Fun one to play.

-grantwiscour | 5/16/2009
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