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Michael Peterson - When The Bartneder Cries (Chord)
Submitter: matellmon (28) on 4/16/02 1 comment
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Intro: C G F C G F

      C             G              F
 This bar has been my home away from her

 C          G             C   G
 Used to be, she was missing me

 C                G      F
 Now she's moving in with her best friend

            C           G                 C   G
 And I'm the only one who wants what used to be

 C                G            F
 I'm here because today I lost it all

 C               G               C   G
 I didn't want to drink at home alone

 C             G    F                         C
 I just can't believe all my hopes and dreams are falling

      G         C   G
Like a row of dominoes

              C              G
 I thought the man behind the bar

     F            G
 Had heard it all before

 C                Am              G
 My story must have caught him by surprise

              Am          G
 Cause when he handed me my double

          F               C
 There were tears in his eyes

     F                   C
 You know you're in trouble

         G              C G F
 When the bartender cries

           C                       G            F
 He said, "Last night you swore you'd never drink again"

     C           G                C    G 
 I said, "Next time, I'm really gonna try

          C                G F
 So if she ever calls for me

            F               C
 Oh, you can finally tell her, "He ain't here"

    G           C   G
 And it won't be a lie

              C             G
 I asked the man behind the bar

          F              G
 What he'd been crying for

           C                   Am             G
 He said, "That bottle used to be a friend of mine

       Am                      G 
 Now I've stopped drinking doubles

      F                   C
 But I pour them all of the time

         F               C
 Son, you know you're in trouble

        G              C
 When the bartender cries"

 F               G              C           Am    F
 As I saw my own reflection staring back at me, I knew

            F          G        (pause)
 Every single word he said was true

 (no chord)        C             G
 Well, I told the man behind the bar

          F               G     C 
 I thought I'd seen it all before

               Am            G
 Till I saw the sadness in his eyes

            Am              G
 That's when I put down my double

     F              C
 And said my last goodbyes

               F              C
 'Cause you know you're in trouble

          G             Am
 When the bartender cries

       F                   C  G
 Oh, you know you're in trouble

                       C G F       C
 When the bartender cries

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Very nice, great song and great tab
-mrmariner7484 | 3/22/2005
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