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Montgomery Gentry - Hell Yeah (Chord)
Album: My Town (2001)
Submitter: geetar81 (3) on 3/16/03 8 comments
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Dsus2: XX023X           G:   320033           Bb: X13311
C:     X32010           F:   133211           D:  XX0323

Intro:   Dsus2 C

Dsus2                     C
He works way too much for way too little
Dsus2                        C                         
He drinks way too early till way too late
G         F                 C
He hasn't had a raise since New Years Day
                     G              F
In eighty-eight gets trampled on by everyone
Except when he comes in here
G            F              C             
And he's the product of the Haggard generation
G           F                    C         
He's got a redneck side when you get him agitated
G          F                       C
He got the gold toothed look from a stiff right hook
                          G                    F
He's proud he took for his right wing stand on Vietnam
Says he lost his brother there

(pre chorus)
He yells out Johnny Cash
And the band starts to play
A ring of fire as he walks up
C                D
And stands there by the stage

And he says

G             F             C
Hell yeah!    Turn it up!   Right on!
G             F             C
Hell yeah!    Sounds good!  Sing that song!
G                  F
Guitar man playin' all night long
Take me back to where the music hit me
                            G    F  C      G  F  C
Life was good and love was easy

She's got an MBA and a plush corner office
She's got a don't mess with me attitude
She'll close a deal she don't reveal that she can feel
The loneliness the emptiness
Except when she comes in here
She's the product of the "Me" generation
She's got a rock and roll side when you get her agitated
She got the tattoo there on her derriere from a spring break dare 
In Panama where love was all she thought she'd ever need

She yells out to the band
Know any Bruce Springsteen
Then she jumps up on the bar
And she, and she starts to scream
She says


Yeah, yeah
                        C                        D
Can or can't you get my mind off thinkin' 'bout

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Hey, hell yeah

Solo: G F C | G F C | G F C | G F C

G          F           C
Hell yeah, turn it up, right on
G          F            C
Hell yeah, sounds good, sing that song
G                  F
Guitar man playin' all night long
Take me back where the music hit me

When life was good...


Ending Solo: G F C...(continued)
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
This is a good tab, but I think the Bm's are
Bb's. Check it out and see what you think.
I'll hold off on rating for now.
-cmtboy | 3/21/2003
Done. Woops!! :)
-geetar81 | 3/22/2003
I love this song, i wish the lead was on here.

-superman | 7/24/2003
Great tab!
Just a note for newer players who might find this confusing,
the first two lines in verse 1 (with the Dsus to C) are not
in verse 2.

In verse 2 the line "She's got an MBA...." matches up with
"He hasn't had a raise...." in verse 1. In other words you
start verse 2 on the G, F, C.

-Shantel | 7/31/2003

-cntyotlw | 9/10/2003
good job, i just came here mainly for the

lyrics tho,but the chords work good too, i

whish someone who has been playin longer

than me-just a 15 yr old- would tab out the

lead and that part durin the chours. i got

it real close, but if someone could put

their way of playin it on here, i would be

happy to have something to compare my

version to. about the part that everyone is

confused on, just replace the Dsus2 whith a

G for the the start of the second verse,

then its an F on "MBA" then the C is

on "plush" the next line starts off with G

again and the F comes on "dont" and then the

C is on "attitude" and then the rest should

match up with verse one. hope that helps,

and dont resist puttin up a lead if you even

have something close, anything gives ppl

something to work with and to compare to. I

would put my version up now, but im short on

time, but i hope to post it soon so ppl will

make comments and tell me to change it :)

thanx again
-cntyotlw | 9/10/2003
Thats a nice try, but i think it is Dm to F on the intro. Try that I think you will like that better
-jsbrad0 | 12/4/2003
u need a hearing aid this sux i figured it out and i'm 12
-vtfan3555905 | 8/1/2005
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