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Mountain Heart - Everybody But Me (Chord)
Submitter: palamin0 (50) on 3/19/06
Month Views: 9 | Total Views: 4,854
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Artist: Mountain Heart
Title: Everybody but me
CD: Wide Open
chords by: palamin0(at)

Mountain Heart - Everybody but me

Inrto - G - Em7 = 2 x's

(verse 1)
G         D              Em7                 Cadd9
I used to be the kind of man who could hold a grudge
G       D           Em7      Cadd9
I was angry and resentful, I wouldn't budge
G               D             Em7              Cadd9
I carried it around with me, weight of ancient history
         D                     C - D
'Til I couldn't take it anymore,     tried to let it go

      G                 Em7
I forgave my Daddy, for missin' half my life
          D                Cadd9
And I forgave my Mama, for holdin' on too tight
       G                                            D
I've forgiven friends and strangers, neighbours, family
     Em7        Cadd9            (G - Em7 = 2x's)
Everybody, everybody,.... but me

(verse 2)
No matter what I did, I thought it wasn't good enough
And in a way I'd take the blame, no matter what it was
Took sometime for me to see that I didn't have to be perfect
Nobody's perfect


      D              Cadd8
I've had missteps and made mistakes,
  Cadd9               G
Hard times and caused heartaches,
        D                  Cadd9
Can't change the wrong turns that I took,
         Am7                        D
But it's time I let myself off the hook
         G                                          D
I've forgiven friends and strangers, neighbours, family,
     Em7        Bm         Cadd9          G - Em7 - G - Em7 - G
Everybody, everybody, everybody, but me...

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