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Neal McCoy - Tails I Lose (Chord)
Album: That's Life (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (151) on 9/22/05 1 comment
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Neal McCoy
(Neal McCoy and Eric Silver)
 Pickanbo Music / ICG Alliance Music.
Album: "That's Life",  2005, 903 Music.
Submitted by: Christopher R.
12:23 AM 9/23/2005


(A) She says her mind is (F#m) made up.
(A) She's fought the feeling's (F#m) long enough.
(D) She can't find (C) love or her(G)self in her (A) heart.
(A) Says: "We got together (F#m) way too young."
An' (A) then there's me here (F#m) still in love,
(D) Watchin' the ties that (C) bind us (G) fallin' a(A)part. 

  First she (D) asks for freedom an' she (D/C#) says that she's leavin'.
  I say (Bm) no 'cause I need her, then (A) down comes the hammer.
  When (D) I can't take her, I say (D/C#) I'll sign the papers.
  She (Bm) cries an' she won't take (A) "Yes" for an answer:
  (C) How am I supposed to (D) choose,
  When it's (C) heads she wins, (D) tails I (A) lose. 

She bought some (A) little dresses an' got a (F#m) big tattoo.
(A) Says I don't understand what (F#m) she's goin' through:
(D) Maybe middle-age (C) crazy or (G) just tired of (A) us.
(A) An' maybe I'm foolish (F#m) tryin' to make it work,
(A) But I made this promise: "For (F#m) better or worse",
(D) An' I'd do anything to make her (C) happy, if I (G) just knew what it (A) was. 

Repeat Chorus 

    I've (E) worked so hard,
    Tried so long -
    It's like (D) everything I do is (NC) wrong
Repeat Chorus

  (C) How am I supposed to (D) choose,
  When it's (C) heads she wins, (D) tails I (A) lose.  
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
EXACTALLY! You just proved my point.
When Garth emerged on the scene, he
brought along dozens of other acts.
Those acts were rock and rollers,
pretending to be country. This is the
exact same thing. Big & Rich, Gretchen
Wilson, Cowboy Troy, Jason Aldean, and
the rest of them were not raised on country.
The only reason they are considered
country artists is because no other
genre of music would have them.

I recently read an interview with Brad
Paisley. This is what he said...

"Country music is a coloring book. You
can't just MAKE STUFF UP and call it
country. There are LIMITS you need to
adhere to."

-WildCard76 | 8/21/2005
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