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Original Artist - Be Honest ('cause I'm Gonna Lie) (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (64) on 4/17/05 2 comments
Month Views: 22 | Total Views: 2,472
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Be Honest ('Cause I'm Gonna Lie)
 	  	  	 written 2005

INTRO: C F C G7 F C (2x)

C                   C7                  F
Be honest with me girl 'cause I'm gonna lie
         G7                    F                    C
Ain't no way in hell I'm gonna tell you how I feel tonight
     G7                F              C
I'm not sure if I can fight the urge inside
       F                G7                  C
So be honest with me girl 'cause I'm gonna lie

C                      F       C7             C
Spotted you across the room, a sea full of fools
G7                       F                     C
Everyone thinks they're happy, but not me and you
C                  F            C7        C       D7
We know we're unfulfilled, you got what I need
G7                      C                       D7   N/C
Hopefully you can come looking for something in me


C              F         C7         C
Love is a game we have learned to lose
G7                           F               C
Hearts get broken no matter which path you choose
C                F           C7      C   D7
I got someone waiting I bet you do too
    G7                   C               D7      N/C
But they aren't here to criticize me and you



C                  F       C7      C
The stars are out shining bright above
       G7                  F                       C
Those pretty stars are ignorant to the concept of love
C                      F          C7         C       D7
What is love but an illusion of dresses and dreams
    G7                      C                         D7     N/C
And darlin' you're lookin' damn good in that dress to me

CHORUS (2x) 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
dude that rocks balls!!!!
-doug_l | 1/18/2006
Thanks, man.
-twizzle05 | 1/18/2006
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