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Original Artist - Flowers Of Love (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (25) on 4/30/05 1 comment
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Flowers Of Love
	written 2005

G                                     C
I said this is 'bout a girl he said, "son ain't they all
D                                            C        Cadd9  G
Woman can make a man fly so high, but in the end he's gonna crawl
You bet your new Corvette and the hair atop yer head
D                          C      Cadd9  G
A woman's the reason that most of us is dead"
Am                    C                     G
Then he offered up a toast and said "Here's to 'em
C                                    G                D
They may be the death of me but they help us get through it"

C                            G
Treat her right and she will grow
C/B                G                 D
Treat her wrong son, and she's gonna go
G                        C                G
The flowers of love need waterin' now and then
     Em                C               D        C       G
And when you let that ol' sun set you know the day's at end

G                                     C
He said "play your song and put your heart out on your sleeve
D                                 C     Cadd9      G
But don't you be surprised if a few of these guys leave
They don't like bein' reminded of what they let slip away
D                                          C           Cadd9  G
I can guess you know how that feels or you wouldn't be here today"
Am                         C                   G
He nodded towards me and leaned back in his seat
C                                    G                D
Then he shouted "Pick her son, and remember what it means"

CHORUS, Yes it is


G                                              C
Well I finished my set and walked offstage and saw that old man smile
D                                         C      Cadd9    G
Had a feeling it was something he hadn't done in quite a while
He pointed towards my guitar, said "Let me see that man   
D                                    C         Cadd9    G
I had one like it one time, 'til the pain came to my hands
Am                                C                   G
Now son you just go on home I'm sure you can work it out
C                                    G                D
But don't you ever dare forget just what your song's about"

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I think so too. Although in concerts he plays the second one.
-yinielin | 6/9/2005
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