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Original Artist - Pick Your Poison (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (113) on 5/15/05
Month Views: 12 | Total Views: 2,319
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Pick Your Poison
 	 written 2005

INTRO: Esus2  Esus4  E  Em  E

E                                  A                   E
I ain't gonna lie to you 'bout the roads I've traveled down
                                        A              B7
I ain't gonna tell you 'bout the folks that I've hung around
E                               A                    E
I've spent time behind bars for things that I don't regret
                                               B7         A         E
If you want a man who'll love you forever well you ain't found him yet

A                      Esus4                   E
I'll treat you wrong, as wrong as you want me to
A                              Esus4              B7
I'll get you doin' things you never thought you'd do
A                           Esus4              E
Go ahead and help yourself, girl I'm one of a kind
B    A     B          A           B     A       E
Go ahead, pick your poison, then have a sip of mine


E                         A             E
I don't make no promises that I plan to keep
                                   A                 B7
I can't make any dreams come true 'less you dream of me
E                                     A                 E
But I can make the night fly by like headlights on the wall
                                          B7         A        E
Just cling tightly to the truth 'cause we don't want you to fall



C#m                         B         A       E
Come a little closer, we'll figure something out
C#m                        A              E        B7
Come a little closer, now that's what I'm talkin' about


Esus2  Esus4  E  Em (let ring)

Esus2  Esus4  E  Em  E (let ring)

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