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Owen Temple - The Madder You Are, The Cuter You Get (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (53) on 3/28/10
Month Views: 3 | Total Views: 1,907
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The Madder You Are (The Cuter You Get)
By Owen Temple
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Owen Temple can be downloaded at

D             G       D
Donít try and look so tough
  D                          G
I know what youíre trying to do
    G                          D
You think you have to put on a show
    D                      A
For me to pay attention to you
     D           G       D 
Well baby youíve got the floor
    D                G
And Iím all eyes and ears
G                     D 
You donít have to act angry
          A                    D                       
For me to say what you want to hear

Bm           G               D                A   
Oh Scarlet I give a damn now you can act your age
Bm      G            D               A
Bravo I love you now you can come offstage
         D       G       D
Though I hate to see you simmer down
D             G                                D
Even a little bit cause a girl good looking as you
    D                  G         D
The madder you are the cuter you get
    D                  A         D 
The madder you are the cuter you get 

Now your blues eyes are flashing
And your cheeks are getting red
And I can tell that Iím not helping things
With the clumsy words I said
I think I understand where youíre coming from
I know what you want me to do
Youíre pretending to still be mad at me
Iím falling more in love with you


Cool off the drama, how did this begin
What got you so excited so I can do it again

Sometimes I think that lovers
Really enjoy the little tests of will
You love to give me your advice
And I love to give you a thrill

And I guess it's nice to get crossways
Cause sometimes we both can win
The best part of a good clean fight
Is patching things back up again

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