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Pat Green - Galleywinter 2 (Tab)
Submitter: mammy (16) on 2/27/03 1 comment
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by Pat Green

Written by:

The other version that I posted I didn't tab myself but this is what
I came up with on my own. 
The top line in the picking pattern and the sequence throughout the
intro and the whole song except for when the A comes in in the verse.
The second line shows the picking pattern for it.
Use the other tab I posted for the lyrics and placement of the chords.


    D             G            Cadd9        G



Intro :  D  G  Cadd9  G  2x
Verse 1:
D                         G                  Cadd9  G
When I was a kid I had a rockin horse named Ranger.
D            G                   Cadd9          G
Out on the front porch we would ride, we would ride.
D                         G            
Little red cowboy boots, little red cowboy hat
      Cadd9                                    Cadd9  G
And a pistol that'd shoot straight as an eagle flies.


D                G                 Cadd9         G
Momma would come out and say "It's time to come in."
        D               G             Cadd9          G
I said "I ain't goin' nowhere, momma, don't ask me again."
D              G      Cadd9         G
I was just an outlaw ridin' on the trail,
D               G            Cadd9         G  A
Knockin' over stagecoaches, ridin' on the rails...

Chorus 2:
              D     G  Cadd9  G
I'm gone to Galleywinter. 
  D                    G
A place where all the coybows ride,
  Cadd9                  G
A place where all the outlaws hide
 D                       G                        Cadd9  G
Away from men who wanna kill 'em for what they've done.
             D     G   Cadd9  G
I'm gone to Galleywinter...
             D     G   Cadd9  G
I'm gone to Galleywinter...yeah.


Verse 2:
D                         G   Cadd9            G
My sister'd come out and say "Where you goin' anyway?"
D             G                           Cadd9       G
"I'm goin to Galleywinter and there ain't no girls allowed."
D                        G            Cadd9        G
But I guess things are different now. Times have changed.
  D                G                         Cadd9         G
A girl is nice to have with you when you're riding on the range.
 D                 G        Cadd9           G
She can make you breakfast, talk to you at night.
 D                   G     
You can argue about things you never thought 
      Cadd9                G
You'd argue about in your whole life.
D          G     Cadd9               G
25 years older, Ranger ain't here nomore. 
D                  G  Cadd9     G  
Been replaced by a 19--58 model T-Bird Ford.
D                     G
Baby say "where you wanna go?" 
       Cadd9                  G
I said "I don't know...maybe Mexico.
 D                G               Cadd9       G     A
Anywhere where Tequilla flows is alright with me...yeah"

Chorus 2:
             D      G   Cadd9  G
I'm gone to Galleywinter.
D                      G
A place where all the outlaws hide,
Cadd9                    G                       
A place where all them cowgirls ride 
         D         G          Cadd9  G
And you know it's alright with me. 
             D      G   Cadd9  G
I'm gone to Galleywinter...
             D       G  Cadd9  G
I'm gone to Galleywinter...yeah.


Yep, Adios ya'll.
I'm gone. See ya.
Ya'll come back now, ya hear?
G      =   320033
Cadd9  =   X32033
D      =   X00232
A      =   X02220

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great tab... I just didn't hear that much of the D string in it... I got this
D G Cadd9 G

G-------- 2--------0----0--------0----0--------0----0----G

but I could be wrong--haven't seen the official tab for it...:)
-mlbrown8021 | 3/17/2005
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