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Pat Green - Nightmare (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (15) on 4/25/02 4 comments
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Written by: Green

Chords:     G     =     320033     G/F#     =     200033
            Em7   =     022033     Csus9    =     X32033
            D     =     X00232
Intro : G   G/F#  Em7  2x

Verse I:
G     G/F#             Em7
Last night I had me a nightmare
G             G/F#             Em7
Dreamed that Texas was burning down...burning down
G            G/F            Em7
And all them people, I had grown up to love
Leaving town

         G        G/F#         Em7
I cried "oh Holy Moses, bring blood to the Red Red Sea
G           G/F#                     Em7
Bring back Townes Van Zandt, and my heroes back to me
Csus9          D                        G         G/F#     Em7
Because I can play their songs, but it ain't they way they do
It ain't they way they do."
          G 	       G/F#                Em7
I had a nightmare, a nightmare, it was a nightmare.

Verse II:
G     G/F#       Em7
Buddy Holly was riding on the wind
G      G/F#             Em7
Stevie Ray, well he was too
G          G/F# 	        Em7
When their star, come tumbling to the ground 
Wasn't a thing that all the king's horses
And all the king's men could do
G       G/F#            Em7
Me I've just got my ol' bar stool
G            G/F#       Em7 	 
And man it's burning me down...burning me down
G            G/F#            Em7
Just like a brush fire, that burns on through the night
One of these days I'm just going
These days I'm going to burn on out

Repeat Chorus

G     G/F#     Em7    Csus9   D   G

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
is it blood or bring a flood from the red red sea? you know to put the fire out?
-Johncalvinmoon | 1/26/2004
hey, like the intro on the top E string im pretty sure its 3 2 0 0h2 2h3(or just 2 3) and also on the switch from g/f# to em7 you can do the same to make it flow a little more smoother. if its not exact sorry i have a live version which could be different.
-soccerguy94 | 5/25/2004
this sounds great...thanks!
-no_tilt | 9/16/2004
yeah its definitely bring a flood in the red red sea cuz uh moses kinda did this thing where he parted the red sea for all the jews to cross and trap the egyptians in well the red sea. just a little history lesson for yall
-barclaystratton | 1/26/2006
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