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Pat Green - Poetry (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (15) on 1/19/03 8 comments
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by Pat Green

Written by:
Walt Wilkins

G  Em7 G/F#  C  G  Em7 G/F#  C

 G                Em7     G/F#             C
Some things I've done make my conscience burn,

My very spine shutter and squirm.
G            Em7       G/F#    C
I only hope that I've learned from my sins.
G                    Em7    G/F#
I heard a voice when I was 13,
Got baptised and washed up clean.
         G                       Em7        G/F#
But the world has a way, if you know what I mean,
Of scuffin' you up again.

 D         D/F#       G
- I can't explain a blessed thing,
Not a fallen star or a feathered wing,
    D            D/F#                 G          C
Or how a man in chains can have the strength to sing.
D         D/F#     G                           
(2."I'll Fly Away)
Just one thing is clear to me,                  (3.
like a bird)
There's always more than what appears to be
               D           D/F#     G      C
And when the light's just right I swear I
see...poetry. -

G  Em7  G/F#  C

G                    Em7  G/F#
Well, somebody made everything
From my soul inside out to Saturn's rings, 
        G               Em7  G/F#      C
How my baby smiles, how Ray Charles sings...

Of course we were created.
  G                    Em7        G/F#
Clouds make rain, the ocean makes sand,
The earth breathes fire, and lava makes land.
 G                 Em7   G/F#
Well, that took a mighty hand
And a wild imagination.


E  A  D  4x

 G                    Em7      G/F#
Dreams I dreamed came back ten-fold
From the friends that I have to the woman I hold.
G                 Em7      G/F#
I look down on a street of gold,
After all the mud along the way.
 G                   Em7 G/F#    C
Sometimes a big ol' mystery can lead right in on me.
          G             Em7  G/F#
Says that I am home and I am free...
And I'll take that anyday.


D         D/F#     G                            
Just one thing is clear to me,                  
There's always more than what appears to be
               D           D/F#     G      C
And when the light's just right I swear I

G  Em7  G/F#  C

G     =    320033  or  320003
G/F#  =    200033  or  200003
C     =    X32010  or  X32033
D     =    X00232
D/F#  =    200232
Em7   =    020033

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Hey, how'd you do this tab? I've only heard the song in concert
...its not even on the radio yet...good job
-truly187 | 5/15/2003
I recorded the Austin City Limits :)
-mammy | 5/15/2003
awesome job on this Mammy, and this song is awesome, greatly
written. props to Walt Wilkins...
-Baumann | 6/3/2003
mammy, you might want to look at
this again since the cd is out.
i saw him play this teusday, when the cd
came out in san antonio and the walk down
is different. i'll let you know if i think
i've figured it out.
-btexan03 | 7/16/2003
you might try G Em7-D-C9
-spebley1 | 7/18/2003
Ok, this is the updated play
along with the Wave on Wave cd.
-mammy | 8/12/2003
Nice job, I love Pat Green and this song
is awesome. Keep it up.
-mystikal1116 | 2/8/2004
pat is an awsome singer/song writer, pat really owes a big thanks for a lot of his songs by Walt Wilkins....Walt's cd are also great if not better that pat. good job on all your tabs!
-texcountry24 | 1/30/2006
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