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Pat Green - Wrong Side Of Town (Chord)
Submitter: mammy (15) on 5/7/02 2 comments
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I know the chords are correct but the lyrics are a little shakey :)

F  C  G  C

F          C     F               C
Tell me a story about something pretty,
   F                        C
A guardian angel up in the sky.
F         C             F            C
Make me believe you, a hill for the climber.
F          C          G           C
Ask me no questions, tell you no lies.

F           C   F                 C
I'm hangin' on, my mouth hangin' open.
F                  C                G
World's spinnin' faster, round and around.
F                 C          F        C
Hey, what's the matter? You look unexpected.
     F            C                 G            C
Like you took a right turn on the wrong side of town.
F  C  G  C

F             C         F          C
You with the light on, looking so hopeful.
F               C                              G
You're just pretending but I know what you've done.
F           C                 F        C
Cryin' your heart out while nobody's lookin'.
      F           C              G          C
It's not gettin' better, you're not havin' fun.


F  C  F  C  F  C  G  C

F           C    F             C
Jesus was wrong about all us sinners.
F             C                         G
He'd take a stomp for the sign of the times.
F             C            F        C
Runnin' for shelter like nobody's bussiness.
     F           C         G          C 
You don't even notice the face of the sky.

F  C  G  C

F         C       F              C
So many answers, loose talk and whispers.
F             C                   G
Pick up some pieces, gobble them down.
F              C          F         C
Don't talk in words so I won't understand you.
       F           C          G          C
Just hold up the fingers and cry like a clown.

F  C  G  C

enjoy :)
mammycc_05 at 
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Corrected Lyrics
Tell me a story, about something pretty
A guardian angel, up in the sky
And make me believe you, no hill for a climber
Ask me no questions, and tell you no lies

I'm hanging on, my mouth hanging open
World spinning faster, round and around
Hey whats the matter, you look unexpected
Like you took a right turn, on the wrong side of town

you left the light on, looking so hopeful
You;re just pretending, you know what you've done
Crying your heart out, nobody's looking
It's not getting better, we're not having fun


Jesus was wrong, about all the sinners
That we'd take a stump for, a sign of the times
Running for shelter, like nobody's business
you don't even notice, the face of the sky

So many answers, just loose talking whispers
pick up some peices, and gobble them down
Don't talk in words, so I won't understand you
Hold up your fingers, and cry like a clown


-kdickhaus | 10/12/2002
A guardian angel up in the sky.

-tobers2313 | 2/20/2004
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