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Paul Thorn - It's A Great Day (for Me To Whoop Somebody's Ass) (Chord)
Submitter: lmofle (805) on 11/6/04 1 comment
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Itís A Great Day (To Me To Whoop Somebodyís Ass)
By Paul Thorn
Tabbed By Larry Mofle
rmofle at

As heard on the Bob and Tom ShowÖÖ

Capo 3 (to sound like recording)

         E                               A            E  
Have you ever had one of those days when nothiní goes right
     E                                                  B7
Your wife starts b***hiní about whatever it was she was b***hiní about last night
   E                                    A                 E
So you escape into the bathroom just to sit there on your throne
    E                                   B7             E
But after you finish your business, the toilet paperís gone

            E                   A 
Well itís a great day for me to whoop somebodyís ass
       E               B7
Itís a bad day, so you better get off my back
              E           A   
You might get cold-cocked if you cross my path
             E                   B7               E 
Cause itís a great day for me to whoop somebodyís ass

Well I was runniní late for work so I poured me some coffee to go
And just before I had a flat tire, I spilled it all over my clothes
When the highway patrolman pulled up I thought that help was on the way
But when he saw the tire tool in my hand he shot me with pepper spray


When I finally made it to work I was 15 minutes late
I told my boss about the flat tire but he fired me anyway
So here I am out in the parking lot just waiting by his Corvette
Iím gonna give him a goodbye present that he never will forget


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Ha, thats so damn funny. I just found this guys songs yesterday, he is a riot. Good Tab
-**COWBOYUP** | 8/25/2005
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