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Randy Travis - Look Heart No Hands (Chord)
Submitter: alvarez (2) on 6/26/02 4 comments
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          Randy Travis:chord look heart no hands

        I remember how it used to feel
        F                G 
        Riding down old two mile hill
        Tennis shoes up on the handle bars
        F                 G
        Paying no mind to passing cars
         Em             Am            F     Am       F   G
        No doubts, no fears, Just like when you were hear

        C            Am        F          G
        No chains no strings no fences no wall
           C         Am     F              G
        No net just you to catch me when I fall
            F     G    C
        Look heart no hands

        Verse 2:
        It took a little time to get up to speed
         F                      G 
        To find the confidence and strength I need
        To just let go and reach for the sky
         F                         G       
        You know sometimes I felt I could fly
        Em            Am             F     Am     F     G
        No doubts no fears just like when you are hear

        F                           G          C
        It dosent take much, just a smile or a touch
                  Em      Am       F      C        G
        And I'm a kid again,I can almost feel that wind



 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
chords sound right, but you have to have the capo on the first fret and tune down just a bit to make it match the song when sung by randy...can someone tell exactly how much to tune down??
-AQHAchamp | 8/8/2004
AQ, you'd have to tune down one half step,
but it'll be the same thing....This is a great tab.
Just one correction...I'm hearing this for the
last line of the chorus...

Look heart no hands
-debeck | 11/7/2004
in the part where he sings

one of these days you're gonna love me..

the chords are D Asus A G
not D G Asus A
-Coopersize | 11/7/2003
i think you guys are absolutly a*****es
for not making it free
-punk_rocker20 | 8/4/2005
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