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Rascal Flatts - Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me (Chord)
Album: Feels Like Today (2004)
Submitter: twizzle05 (132) on 5/13/05 5 comments
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Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
(if you know who wrote this, let me know)
from the album "Feels Like Today"
Thanks are due to Larry tab of the Mac Davis version.   I added a few extra notes
and chords, but it's basically his.   Some of the lyrics are different, too.
tabbed 5/14/05

INTRO: A D Dsus2 A D

A                        D
Girl you're getting that look in your eyes
Dsus2                 Asus2 A   Asus2  A
And it's starting to worry  me
A                     D
See I ain't ready for no family ties
       Dsus2         Asus2 A    Asus2 A
And no woman's gonna hurry me
F#m                         Bm     Bm/A          Bm     D
Just keep it friendly girl, 'cause I don't wanna leave
                                 Dsus2                 E
If you start clingin' to me, you know that I can't breathe

A                    Bm       Bm/A   E                   A           Asus2  A
Baby baby don't get hooked on me,   baby baby don't get hooked on me
A                                  Bm      Bm/A     
'Cause I'll just use you and I'll set you free
E                    D     Dsus2  D
Baby baby don't get hooked on    me

You've been my hot lovin' woman
And it's hot where you've been touchin' me
And I can tell by your tremblin' lips
You've been seein' just a little too much of me
Now don't let your life get tangled up in mine
'Cause I'll just a-use you I can't take no clingin' vine


E                    C#m         
Baby baby don't get hooked on me, no no no
B                   E              Esus4
Baby baby don't get hooked on me
E                            C#m
I'll just love you then I'll set you free, set you free
B                    A     Asus2 A
Baby baby don't get hooked on    me
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Where is it on the Feels Like Today album
-cool_hand459 | 5/16/2005
I should've clarified. They released the album with different songs,
depending on where you got it. This was a bonus track (I believe)
the Wal-Mart version. Other stores had different bonus tracks, I think.
-twizzle05 | 5/16/2005
I believe the song was written and performed in the middle 1970's by Mac Davis.
-Phideaux00 | 10/17/2005
A woman named Mary O'Riley was the original writer of this great song my family and I were good friends with her. She is from New Lexington Ohio. She passed away about 6or7 years ago.She sold it to Mac Davis for a low amount of money.Not sure how much though but it was'nt more than 1,000 dollars though
-davey2 | 12/5/2005
sorry made a mistake I think it was around
$10,000 dollars
-davey2 | 12/5/2005
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