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Ray Scott - Makin' My Way (Chord)
Album: My Kind Of Music (2005)
Submitter: twizzle05 (17) on 11/6/05 2 comments
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Makin' My Way
written by Scott/Moore/Masters
Album: "My Kind of Music"

INTRO: Am  Em-G   Am Em-G   Am  Em-G

Am                                                       Em-G
I never counted on Neputism it wasn't all laid out for me
Am                                                         Em-G
I started off from a crawl and worked my way up to my knees
Am                                                           Em-G
I know one way of doin' things, I come from that side of life
Where folks don't bathe in the mornin' they take their baths at night
G                         D         Am              Em-G
At the end of a long hard day, I'm makin' my way

Am                                                     Em-D
I like a row of similar souls on any given Friday night
Am                                                                      Em-G
And I know there ain't much redemption in drinkin' beer and tellin' lies
Am                                                                       Em-G
But it's a damned good way for a good ol' boy to know that he ain't alone
And forget the pile of B.S. he put up with all week long
G                                   D         Am
And when the boys ask me how I am I say, I'm makin' my way

Yeah and I ain't never caught the view from the window of a king
But the common man don't tend to miss what he ain't never seen
     G                                                           D   G-Em
Yeah I ain't got it bad as some, but then I ain't quite got it made
        Am            Em-G
But I'm makin' my way
Yeah I'm makin' my way

SOLO (CHORUS chords)

Am                                                                         Em-G
You know there's a lot of able-bodied takers out there in that welfare line
But you can bet Uncle Sam ain't wipin' this boy's behind
G                                D            Am
Ain't no government cheese on my plate, I'm a-makin' my way


Em      G            Am
I know how my bed is made 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
it should be Em then G you got it backwords
-guitarnick1981 | 11/21/2005
I agree. Thanks for pointing it out.
-twizzle05 | 11/23/2005
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