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Reba McEntire - The Fear of Being Alone (Chord)
Album: What If It's You (1996)
Submitter: matellmon (64) on 2/21/02 1 comment
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The Fear Of Being Alone
Reba McEntire

D            G         A              D
We ordered up one more bottle of wine
                 G           A                 D
You told me your story and I thought about mine
                  G            A                D
You said when you lost her you lost everything
               G          A         D........D G A D   D G A D
It all started having a familiar ring
D                 G        A            D
So I asked you to take me some place quiet
                   G             A                 D
We wound up at the river for the rest of the night
D         G          A          D
Somewhere around the break of day
D               G             A         D
I could hear it coming from a mile away


D                 G
So don't say that word
        D           G     D   A
Not the one we both heard too much
D                 G          Em
You may think you do but you don't
              A                    D G A D   D G A D
It's just the fear of being alone

D        G          A        D
Reckless hearts can clear a path
D            G           A      D
Wider than a hurricane's aftermath
D          G        A         D
We've both traveled down that road
D                   G     A               D
Where in the name of love everything goes


D          G         D
Like a child in the night
     D         G
With no one to hold you
             Em                A
And tell you everthing's gonna be all right
D       G    A          D
I must admit it's been fun 
D             G         A        D
But that's no reason to jump the gun
           G    A         D
If this is real time will tell
D (stop)
So let me bite my tongue and remind myself

D G A D  (REPEAT  4x's)
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Is the Chorus Right :S
-BhtrTed1 | 1/14/2004
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