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Rebel Son - Belle Of The Ball (Chord)
Album: Unreconstructed (2006)
Submitter: BuckBran (5) on 7/24/15
Month Views: 57 | Total Views: 2,384
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Belle of the Ball- Rebel Son
(C)  (G)  (C)  (F)  (C)  (G)  (C)  (G)
(C)Looks like youíve (G)gone and moved up (Am)town gal,
Youíve (F)gone and got yourself a wealthy (G)man,
(C)Looks like youíve (G)gone and moved up town (Am)gal,
Now (D)donít pretend you donít know who I (G)am.
Your (C)newfound face I hardly recognize at all,
ĎCause (F)I can barely see you through your (Am)Ivory castle walls,
And every (C)high society (G)country club and (Am)well to do dance (F)hall,
(C)Youíve become the (G)belle of the (C)ball.
(C)Looks like youíve (G)gone and moved up (Am)town gal,
Fancy (F)clothes, fancy car, and fancy (G)house,
(C)Looks like youíve (G)gone and moved up (Am)town gal,
Imagine (D)you and me when we were down and (G)out
(C)We shared something priceless even tough our purse was small,
I guess (F)money can buy happiness (Am)after all.
It looks (C)like youíve gone and (G)thrown away your (Am)Raggedy Ann (F)doll,
Ďcause (C)now youíre the (G)belle of the (C)ball.
(C)Guess Iíll be (G)heading on my (Am)way now,
(F)I know Iím not a welcomed (G)guest,
But (C)I just had a (G)few last things to (Am)say gal,
I hope you (D)know I wish you nothing but the (G)best.
Just (C)remember when youíre standing on your pedestal so tall,
The (F)higher up you go, the (Am)farther down youíll fall,
(C)What a woman (G)you once were if (Am)I do so re(F)call,
But (C)now youíre the (G)belle of the (C)ball,
(F)Now youíre the (G)belle of the (C)ball
(F)Now youíre the (G)belle of the (C)ball 
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