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Rebel Son - House Of The Rising Sun (Chord)
Submitter: BuckBran (4) on 5/24/15
Month Views: 27 | Total Views: 3,205
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House of the Rising Sun- Rebel Son

(Am)    (C)    (D)    (F)     (Am)     (E7)     (Am)      (E7)

There(Am) is a (C)house in (D)New Orleans,   (F)
They (Am)call the ď(C)Rising (E7)SunĒ,
and It's (Am)been the (C)ruin of (D)many a poor (F)boy
And (Am)God, I know (E7)I, am (Am)one.

(C)    (D)    (F)    (Am)    (E7)   (Am)   (E7)

My (Am)mother   (C)   was a (D)tailor,   (F)
She (Am)sewed these (C)old blue (E7)jeans,
My (Am)father (C)     (D)was a gambler    (F)
(Am)down in (E7)New Or(Am)leans.   (E7)

Now the (Am)only (C)thing a (D)gambler needs    (F)
is a (Am)suitcase (C)and a (E7)trunk
and the (Am)only (C)time, when (D)he is satis(F)fied, 
is (Am)when Heís (E7)on a (Am)drunk.    (E7)

(Am)    (C)   (D)    (F)    (Am)    (C)    (E7)    (Am)    (C)    (D)     (F)     (Am)     (E7)    (Am)     (E7)

sweet young (Am)mother   (C)  tell your (D)children    (F)
Not to (Am)do the (C)things Iíve (E7)done -
go and (Am)burn down that (C)house down in (D)New Orleans    (F)
the (Am)one they call the (E7)Rising (Am)Sun    (E7)pause

I got (Am)One foot (C)on the (D)platform,   (F)
The (Am)other foot(C) on the (E7)train,
and I'm (Am)going (C)back to (D)New Orleans,    (F)
to (Am)wear that (E7)ball and (Am)chain.

(Am)    (C)   (D)    (F)    (Am)    (C)    (E7)    (Am)    (C)    (D)     (F)     (Am)     (E7)    (Am)     (E7)

there (Am)is a (C)house down in (D)New Orleans,     (F)
they (Am)call the (C)Rising (E7)Sun 
and Itís(Am) been the (C)ruin of (D)many a poor (F)boy
And (Am)God, I know (E7)I, am (Am)one. 
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