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Rebel Son - The Ballad Of Buford Johnson (Chord)
Submitter: BuckBran (4) on 6/16/16
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The Ballad of Buford Johnson-Rebel Son
This is one of my favorite songs so I thought I would give it a shot but it was kinda tricky, also Im not 100% on all lyrics but I believe they are very close
If Im wrong someone please feel free to submit a corrected version

This heres a song I wrote about my granddaddy and his life and how much he meant to me and theres a lot to tell, so its pretty long

(C)*It was the sixth day of No(C)*vember in Wrightsville, Georgia nineteen (C/B)*hundred nineteen (F)*more
Naomi (C)*Ivy bore John Johnsons second son the (C/B)*last child of (G)*four
little did they (C)*know when hed grow up what a (C/B)*great man he would (F)*be
they (C)*named their new born (C/B)*baby (G)*boy (C)*Buford and he would become the (C/B)* king of the (G)*world to (C)me

his family moved to South Carolina during the Great De(C/B)pression when he was (F)young
they settled in the (C)valley in Clearwater between number (C/B)1 and 42(G)1
and thats (C)where hed grow up and (C/B)eventually meet his (F)wife
and thats where hed (C)begin to become the man he was and where hed (C/B)spend the (G)rest of his (C)life

hed ride his (C)bike and hed hitchhike for fun all (C/B)through his early (F)teens
thats when he be(C)gan to pick the guitar and him and his (C/B)buddies would play and (G)sing
then from (C)Langley-Bath high school in May nine(C/B)teen and thirty(F)eight
hed (C)be the first of his family (C/B)ever to (G)gradu(C)ate

he met a (C)beautiful girl who lived near him (C/B)named Hazel Chris(F)tine
he was (C)22 when they married she was just a (C/B)week shy of seven(G)teen
she (C)loved her handsome Buford he loved his (C/B)Hazel with all his (F)heart
and hand in (C)hand they would stay together until (C/B)death would (G)do them (C)part

They moved to (C)Augusta then Langley and built their family in the (C/B)next few years that (F)came
a beautiful (C)baby girl in 46 Judy (C/B)Darlene was her (G)name
their first (C)son in 49 (C/B)they named him James (F)Ray
then in (C)52 they were threw the third and last a (C/B)son named (G)Darrell (C)Wayne

Hed work (C)days at Dupont then nights and (C/B)weekend with his (F)band
Hed (C)sing and pick his guitar with a (C/B)few musician (G)friends
live shows on the (C)radio, a festival, a (C/B)party, or a honky tonk (F)dance
pro(C)fessionally known all around home as a (C/B)group called (G)the Plow (C)Hands

but one day he (C)put his guitar down and decided to (C/B)set music a(F)side
and de(C)vote more of his time to his (C/B)children and his (G)wife
and then later (C)on they built a brand new home down the (C/B)road in Piney (F)Heights 
they moved (C)in in May of 65 and thats where (C/B)hed live (G)out his (C)life

May 19 and (C)69 his first granddaughter (C/B)Dana was (F)born
then after (C)20 years at Dupont he (C/B)retired in 7(G)4
that same No(C)vember granddaughter Jenny June 7(C/B)7 grandson (F)Lee
then in March nine(C)teen and 80 his grandson Donald would com(C/B)plete his (G)family (C)tree

shortly there(C)after I was a young boy ready for (C/B)any and every(F)thing
and (C)he was my granddaddy and to (C/B)me he was a (G)king
and I loved (C)seeing my grandparents so much every (C/B)summer Id go (F)stay
Grandfather (C)and grandson so much fun a new ad(C/B)venture (G)every (C)day

he had an ol (C)baby blue Mercury and (C/B)wed go cruise a(F)round
wed laugh and (C)talk and sing in summer heat with (C/B)all the windows (G)down
and then wed (C)take his metal detectors to the (C/B)old school yard play(F)ground
(C)bottle caps, pull tabs, and coins I was proud of (C/B)every(G)thing we (C)found

wed rummage through (C)old junk cars at Murrells garage looking (C/B)for old license (F)plates 
and then (C)wed go have a hamburger for lunch at (C/B)L & M Ca(G)fe
and Id (C)get so excited everytime wed pass the Old (C/B)Gregg highway ball (F)fields
cause wed be (C)on our way to look at old graves to(C/B)gether up on (G)cemetery (C)hill 

wed walk and (C)talk the rest of the day and read old (C/B)tombstone epi(F)taphs 
hed tell me a(C)bout old local legends and a(C/B)bout old times long (G)past
it inter(C)ested me so much Id never want the (C/B)day to (F)end
so the next (C)morning wed pack us a picnic lunch and ride back up to (C/B)ol grave(G)yard a(C)gain

and I re(C)member once when one of his old friends came by the (C/B)house to say hell(F)o
I sat in the den and (C)listened to them talk about playing (C/B)music long a(G)go
he said (C)Buford you were good have you ever thought about (C/B)giving it another (F)chance
he smiled at grand(C)mama and said not for a million dollars would I (C/B)play an(G)other (C)dance

and as i a(C)pproached my teenage years his health (C/B)really began to (F)fail
hed survived a (C)heartache in 78 (C/B)and he surprised him(G)self 
and then a (C)heart bypass in 87 (C/B)once again hed (F)win
but by (C)then his spirit had begun to weaken  and his age was (C/B)catching (G)up with (C)him 

especially (C)then wed just sit up and talk (C/B)most times all night (F)long 
hed tell me (C)lessons from his life learned first (C/B)hand and right from (G)wrong 
every (C)smile and every story every (C/B)day and every (F)night 
Id (C)treasure all our time together more than (C/B)anything (G)in my (C)life

It was (C)Friday night the 18th of June nine(C/B)teen and ninety (F)three
Id (C)just come home from a picture show just be(C/B)fore I turned six(G)teen 
I was (C)standing in my mamas kitchen (C/B)when the telephone (F)rang
I (C)picked it up and said hello and (C/B)it was my (G)Uncle (C)Wayne

not (C)sounding like himself he said y'all (C/B)need to come on (F)home
and (C)without thinking I replied (C/B)why whats going (G)on
he (C)thought I was my father he (C/B)did not real(F)ize
and in a (C)tone of voice Id never heard he said(C/B) cause (G)daddy just (C)died

that (C)night hed gotten dizzy walking (C/B)toward the back of the (F)house 
he (C)hollered out and grandmama rushed to him to (C/B)help him sit (G)down
but the (C)angels beat her to him to bring him a(C/B)way from pain and (F)harm
and his (C)heart of gold gave out on him and he (C/B)died in grand(G)mamas (C)arms

we (C)buried him on fathers day (C/B)up on cemetery (F)hill 
I (C)loved him more than anything (C/B)and I always (G)will
I thought grand(C)daddy would live that forever nothing could (C/B)ever hurt him at (F)all
but a (C)boy became a man that day as he (C/B)*watched his (G)*hero (C)*fall

to (C)*me no other man will ever (C/B)*stand quite so (F)*tall
(C)*he had seen everything and (C/B)*he had done it (G)*all
and I can only hope (C)*years from now a grandson of mine might (C/B)*see me the same (F)*way
cause hell (C)*always be my he(C)*ro and I hope Im (C/B)*just like (G)*him some (C)*day

*strum once 
The beginning and ending parts where he just strums sporadically Im just guessing and only he strums multiple times but I just tried to do the major changes 
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