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River Road - Nickajack (Chord)
Submitter: WildCard76 (184) on 5/5/04 3 comments
Month Views: 45 | Total Views: 4,098
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Artist: River Road
Album: River Road
Label: Capitol Nashville
Submitted by: Christopher R.

Capo 3rd Fret

Intro: (D)  (D)

It was a (D) hot June morning on the intersate
She was flaggin' me down, I was 20 mintues late
She was (G) broke down, north bound, Georgia line
I (D) pulled on the shoulder and offered her a ride
With (A) just one look, it was heart and soul
(G) We were like a river runnin' (A) out of control

 	 When the (D) Tennessee river hits the Nickajack Dam
 	 Up come the water over Nickajack land
 	 Like a (G) top on a bottle when it's ready to blow
 	 (D) Love is gonna take ya where it wants you to go
 	 When you (A) buckle 'er down til she's beggin' to break
 	 Well a (D) Tennessee River will make a Nickajack Lake

We spent a (D) week together in the next two nights
It was a barn burnin', nothin' ever felt so right
Be(G)fore we both knew it we were makin' some plans
Seein' (D) rings on our fingers, on both of our hands
Daddy (A) said I was crazy, mommas both cried
But you (G) gotta tell the world when you (A) got it inside

Repeat Chorus

(NC) Now we got a cabin with a window veiw
(NC) Of the water and the woods and the ol' dam too
We got a (G) lay away cradle her jeans are gettin' tight
I guess (D) lovin' makes livin', and livin' makes life
I (A) know how it is now's the way it should
Cause I (G) look outside, and (A) what do I see?

Repeat Chorus Twice 
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
AWESOME!!! River Road Rawks!!
-telecastrcowboy | 12/26/2004
If you capo 1 and play in E it is alot easier and sounds great Accoustic.

-steelhorses | 8/15/2005
Playing this song with the 3rd fret
capo'd, makes the intro sound more
like the recorded version. You can play
this song with no capo (in F),
capo on the 1st fret (in E), 3rd fret
(in D), 5th fret (in C), etc...
-WildCard76 | 8/15/2005
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