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Robert Earl Keen - I Would Change My Life (Chord)
Submitter: aggiekelton (0) on 12/21/04 2 comments
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I Would Change My Life                                     
Robert Earl Keen

Capo: 4th fret

Cadd5  =  x32013
Dsus4  =  x54035 same chord formation as above just moved up to 3rd fret

Intro:  Dsus4, Cadd5, Dsus4, Cadd5

        Dsus4 	  	  	            Cadd5
You never liked this place where we've been livin' all along
     Dsus4                                 Cadd5
So you packed up your things and bought a one-way ticket home.
Am            Em               F            C
Leavin' never hurts as much as bein' left behind

G       C
I would change my life
G       C
I would make it right
G                  C                D                G
I would change my life if you would only change your mind

I have spent my hours on some misbegotten dreams
And I have spent my money on some foolish hearted things
And I have spent my memories on old and bitter wine.


F         C               G
Birds are flyin' south to spend the wintertime
C         D                 G
Skies are turnin' blue to grey
F            C                   G
The fire we started here will soon be burnin' down
C           D             G
And it gets colder every day

I wish that I could find the words to make you come back home
I wish that I could say the things you've needed for so long
I wish that you could see me now maybe then you'd find

Chorus: X2
Outro:  Dsus4, Cadd5, Dsus4, Cadd5, G.
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
great tab i have been trying to find this song. try adding some hammers when you go into the chorus, where it goes from C to G
e -------3------
B -------0-------
G -------0-------
D -------0-------
A -------2-------
E -0-2-3-3-------
i think that is what is played right before the chorus
also you can walk down from the final G in the chorus to the F in the bridge

I think that the whole brigde is walks between the chords, I don't know though I have not been playing long
-mohler | 1/18/2005
Don't pay any attention to the way the chord generator shows the Dsus4. That's not the way he plays it. There's probably a better name for the chord, but that's the best I could come up with.
-aggiekelton | 6/10/2005
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