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Rodney Atkins - A Man On A Tractor (Chord)
Album: If You're Going Through Hell (2006)
Submitter: Ray Terry (4) on 9/3/07 2 comments
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A Man On A Tractor  
Rodney Atkins
Album: If Your Going Thru Hell

I woke up the same way this morning
Like a stranger in my own life
Dm                       C
Tired and confused with too much to do
         Bb                      F
Nothing left for my kids and my wife
       Bb                         F
Oh I clung to that first cup of coffee
Praying god, won't you show me what's real
Then out in the distance I saw through the window
   Bb         F            C        F
A man on a tractor with a dog in a field

The dog walked just like it was smiling
         Bb                           F
The man drove like the world was all right
     Dm                       C 
The tractor hummed on like a part of a song
                  Bb               F
That you sing to your children at night
     Bb                             F
His work was laid out there before him
             Bb                         F
In rows of green, his whole life was revealed
    Bb                         F         
Oh what I wouldn't give if I could just live
       Bb          F             C        F
Like a man on a tractor with a dog in a field

F       C                        Bb         F
Let me do what I'm doing, let me be where I am
        Dm                       Bb            F 
Let me find peace of mind on my own piece of land
          C                                Bb           
When I'm lost, help me to let go and find someway to feel
        F        Bb       C                   F
Like a man on a tractor      with a dog in a field

Instrumental: F-Dm-Bb-F-Dm-Bb-C

There I was watching and wondering

My wife came down and sat beside me
                Dm         C       
She said. it's not about living another man's life
             F                      C   F
It's about seeing your own differently
         Bb                       F
Oh this home that I love and my children
What more could one man hope to yield
Bb                         F
She touched my face and said, there's more than one way
         Bb                      C        F 
To be a man on a tractor with a dog in a field

Repeat Chorus
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Great song, but I can't help but wonder if there is an easier way to play it. I'll give this a shot, but I'm not that good at playing bar chords.
-tpmadden | 3/23/2009
I will post it with a capo on the 3rd Fret. It will be played in D instead of F
-Ray Terry | 3/23/2009
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