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Roger Alan Wade - Fryin' Bacon Nekkid (Chord)
Submitter: twizzle05 (57) on 9/27/05 1 comment
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Fryin' Bacon Nekkid
written by Roger Alan Wade/Dennis Knutson/Kostas
from the album "All Likkered Up"
tabbed 9/27/05


D/                             G
Lovin' you's like fryin' bacon nekkid
         D                                 A7
Whoa you tempt me darlin' then you torture me
D                              G
Lovin' you's like fryin' bacon nekkid
           D               A7                D
And that's how I feel when you get thru with me
                   G                     D
Lord you'd think I know, you'd think I'd learned
               A7                        D
A man falls in love, a man's a-gonna get burned
                     G                  D
But all I aksed from you is this solemn pledge
           A7                                         D
Oh you can burn the bacon but please don't scorch the sausage


SOLO: G  D  A7

          G                   D
What made God put thorns on a rose
           A7       D
He got his reaons I suppose
                 G                   D
But what makes a woman wanna put her man
     A7/                       D
Like cold fat back in a fryin' pan


      G                   D               A7                D
Sweet Louise, baby that's how I feel when you get thru with me

CHORDS without capo:

D = E
G = A
A7 = B7

NOTE: Wade might be playing an A7sus as opposed to just an A7; I can't
      really tell.   Sounds good either way. 
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