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Ryan Bingham - Hallelujah (Chord)
Album: Junky Star (2010)
Submitter: Shortyboi33 (0) on 9/3/10 1 comment
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Capo 4

Intro: Asus4, Em7, C9-D9sus4, G6      
(The transition from C9 to D9sus4 is a slide.Just slide your fingers up the neck)

Asus4   Em7     C9   D9sus4   G6
|-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|   |-0-|
|-3-|  |-3-|  |-3-|  |-5-|   |-0-|
|-2-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|   |-0-|
|-2-|  |-0-|  |-2-|  |-4-|   |-0-|
|-x-|  |-2-|  |-3-|  |-5-|   |-2-|
|-x-|  |-x-|  |-x-|  |-x-|   |-3-|

Verse 1:
Asus4                 Em7
The other day I found myself upon a corner
C9                     D9sus4    G6
I thought I ran into a friend of mine
Asus4         Em7
Ended up that he was just a stranger
C9                 D9sus4    G6
I said hello as he passed me by

Verse 2:
But then he turned and put a gun to my head
He said my friend Im gonna rob you blind
I said you must be down on your luck
Im out of money and Im all out of time

Verse 3:
He pulled the trigger and I fell to my knees
My spirit left and then my body was cold
Looking down upon the lights in the city
I feel alive but Im dead and gone

Verse 4:
Aint no more walkin on the side of the rode
Aint no more sleepin on the edge of friends
Aint no more favors for someone I dont know
Cause there aint no one to hear me, aint no one around

Em  G6           Em  G6
       Halellujah        Im comin home
Em  G6           Em  G6
       Halellujah        Hes dead and gone
Em  G6           Em  G6
       Halellujah        somethings wrong
Em  G6           Em  G6

Verse 5:
So tell me now if your singin can bring me
another day with my feet on the ground
I miss livin and livin misses me
I miss it so much that its holding me down

Verse 6:
For all the things that i never could change
For all the reasons that i never understood and why
I feel alone baby, Im dead and gone baby
theres something wrong cause you know i still feel alive

Verse 7:
My train aint rollin down the line and im a waitin til they bring me the dream
of holding you up in my eyes
oh feel my love honey, from up above honey
oh dont give up on me cause im commin down

Verse 8:
Im not a one liner
Im no a flat liner
Im everything in between 
the harmony singing loud


Em  G6            Em  G6
        Halellujah      Its just a song

Asus4                 Em7
The other day I found myself upon a corner
C9                     D9sus4    G6
I thought I ran into a friend of mine

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Can someone tab Best of Me from his Mescalito album? Thanks in advance!
-Neuman32 | 5/30/2014
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