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Ryan Bingham - Snake Eyes (Chord)
Album: Roadhouse Sun (2009)
Submitter: baseball00891 (0) on 2/20/10
Month Views: 1 | Total Views: 12,003
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Intro:  D  C  C/B  G

On the D chord, pick through the strings and hammer on and 
off the bottom E string on the 3rd fret with your pinky, and
after G chord play it kinda like this:

..and then go back to the D chord. Do this after every G chord
in the verses. Not perfect, but sounds almost the same.

D                C   C/B                  G
Falling down on me, before you taste the rage

D          C        C/B         G
Bind me down, I'm a book not a page

D              C             C/B         G
Lend me your dream, here's a wing for my pay

D                        C              C/B               G
When the shoe's on the other foot, you ain't got much to say

I know you see the ghost on the side of the road
Silhouettes of headlights, are where ya gonna go
You see your mamma smile, you hear a song that you adore
Amazing grace, won't unlock your door


C         C/B             Am              G
Now it's time for you to shed your snake eyes

C    C/B             Am      G
It's time for you to go

C          C/B        Am            G
Lay on the table the rest of your lies

C    C/B            Am     G      
It's time for you to go

All the crying is over, all the love is gone
And all that remains, are the words in a song
And anywhere but here, is where I belong,
Cause none of your prophecies have ever seen where I've gone 
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