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Ryan Bingham - Wishbone Saloon (Chord)
Album: Wishbone Saloon (2003)
Submitter: xmanpike (1) on 5/16/05 4 comments
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I actually went to high school with this guy for awhile and then while I was 
at Texas A&M I heard his name over the radio that he would be performing at a 
bar I frequented.  I had no idea he even knew how to play the guitar, which he 
didn't when I knew him, but he has become incredible.  He let me have a CD of 
his that night and I keep it on hand constantly for some good listening music.  
What's great about his stuff is most of his music is written from experiences 
he has had.  If you get the chance, go to and check it out.  He 
plays all around Texas now so if you get the chance, go see him!

Mike Christman

You can purchase Ryan’s CD at!!!

Throughout the song play bass notes kind of like this...
    G             C         D         G

  d u d u      d u d u   d u d u   d u d u

Wishbone Saloon
artist-Ryan Bingham

G                             G
Early afternoon when the sun goes down

    G                     G
the cowboys saddle up and ride to town

     C            D          G      G
to a run down bar outside of Marfa

         G                        G
It was a honky-tonk heaven yeah I shouted from above

       G                            G
At the best lookin' hookers next to lonesome dove

           C                D                G      G
Check your guns at the door, I wanna see ole Marla


          D                        D
Where the beer bottles bust on the hardwood floors

        C                        C
And the cowboys ride through the swinging doors

D                         D
Blood on the kuckles of a fighting man

        C                   C                     G  G
Cause I caught me the devil, another crooked hand

         D                  D
It was a lonesome lady on a Friday night

         C                        C
With the fishnet stockings comin' to her thigh

       D                    D
It's a wild- ass bar fight, get down hoe down

C                   C                
Howlin' at the moon, Wishbone Saloon

G  G  G  G  C  D  G  G

The cowboys whistle as the barmaid pours
A triple shot of whiskey for the girls on the floor
Now they're dancin' on the bar, all up in the air

And the jukebox jumps through a smoke ring singing
a Bob Wills tune to the cowboys saying
hey barmaid honey, bring us another round.


(this verse is kind of slowed and strummed differently)

     G                    G
It's ealry in the mornin' better get to going

G                 G            C   D  G  G
Rooster's crowin', got work to do

    G                       G
The barbwire's down and the cows are gettin' out

G                   G                      C   D  G  G
Gotta catch em fast, before the boss finds out

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Also check out Ryan's CD at - where you can
download your constantly growing repetoire of Americana and Texas
Country Artists!!! Ryan was one of the 1st to sign with us! And you
make sure to pass us on to your friends too!
-lmofle | 5/16/2005
Ryan is now up in Nashville at Johnny Cash's recording studio making a new cd, not sure when it will be out, but it is in the making.
-SanchoVilla | 5/28/2005
Anyone have any other tabs of his?
-xmanpike | 6/12/2005
the first of the song is early afternoon. mornin dont make sense.
-mullet21 | 11/28/2005
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