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Sammy Kershaw - Third Rate Romance (Chord)
Album: Feelin' Good Train (1994)
Submitter: lmofle (355) on 7/15/02 6 comments
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Third Rate Romance
By Sammy Kershaw

C#   - X46664
F#m  - 244222

Capo 1

A                                         E
Sittin' at a tiny table in a ritzy restaurant,

She was starin' at her coffee cup
He was tryin' to keep his courage up while applying booze
A                                                    E
The talk was small when they talked at all they both knew what they wanted

There was no need to talk about it
They were old enough to scope it out and keep it loose
           C#                     F#m                     D    (5 beats)
She said, "You don't look like my type but I guess you'll do."
A                   E              A
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.
          C#                        F#m                     D
He said, "I'll even tell you that I love you if you want me to."
A                   E              A
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous.

When they left the bar, they got in his car and they drove away.
He drove to the Family Inn, She didn't even have to pretend she didn't know what for.
Then he went to the desk and made his request while she waited outside.
When he came back with the key, she said give it to me and I'll unlock the door.
She kept sayin', "I've never really done this kind of thing before, have you?"

(Solo 1)

Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
He said, "Yes I have, but only a time or two."

(Solo 1)

Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)

-countrywestern | 7/22/2002
Tab is acurate, but the "Tabber" should credit the writter - Russell
Smith of the Amazing Rhythm Aces. Great job, and sonds good with a

-eric_steinmetz | 12/6/2002
can anyone give me the C# and the F#m?
-dclm | 2/11/2005
This song tabbed out is right but not to the recording. Verse A# and F then C#, G#m and D#, I've added the recorded version
-boudreau | 5/12/2005
Nevermind it won't let me put in my version on here.

The first solo I haven't figured out yet but the second one is the same as the first but instead of 12 and 14 frets it's 13 and 15, and the rest of the solo is up one fret to match the recording so instead of 12, 14 then 10,12 it's actually 13,15 then 11,13 then 10,11 then 8,10 then 6, 8 then 5,6 then 4,5, then 3,4 on the bottom two strings.

A# is barred on the 6th fret

6 7 8fret


G#m is on the 4th, and 6th frets

4 5 6 frets


It says C# on this tab but actually it is C# moved up one fret and I don't know what it's called but on the guitar it is on the 5th and 7th frets.

5 6 7frets

Lastly D# is on the 11, 12 and 13 frets. The finger form is the exact same as what I have tabbed for A# only it's moved up on the 11,12 and 13th frets.

THere you have it. IF any questions email me at
-boudreau | 5/12/2005
It is Capo 1 and is right now...I just played along with the mp3.

-lmofle | 5/12/2005
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