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Sawyer Brown - Heart, Don't Fall Now (Chord)
Album: Shakin' (1986)
Submitter: lmofle (380) on 9/21/03 1 comment
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Heart Don't Fall Now
By Sawyer Brown

This one was tough in the bridge. If someone figures
Out the chord progression there, let me know and I will
Fix it.

         D                Gm
Here she comes again, but me and you
G                     Asus4  A 
We're gonna close the door
         D           Gm  
We won't let her in, we're not gonna do it,
G                 Asus4   C/B
like we've done before
Bm             G   Bm            G 	 
Stay here with me, keep a steady beat
     G/F#   Em    A
But not too loud, she might be listening

Gm/D  XX0333

   D                 Gm/D
Oh heart, don't fall now
       D7         G               A
If you do I might never bring you back around
D             Gm
Heart take it slow,
              D7            G              A
don't let her know just how much we really need her now
D     A           D
Heart, don't fall now

She can break me down but she won't get through
If you'll be on your guard, when she reaches out
Oh, I'm counting on you, not to fall apart
Here comes that touch
We've been missing for such a long, long time
I feel you giving in



Bb             Fm
You'll pull it off some how
E               C
This can be our finest hour
Bb                Fm
Ah, heart without you
I might not get through it
Don't know if I can do it

Repeat Chorus Three Times

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Yeah the bridge goes like this, starting with the last line of the chorus.

(A)Don't Fall (Bb)now (G#)(Bb)

(D#)You'll pull it (Bb)off somehow

(G#)This could be our (D#)finest hour (Bb)(D#)

(D#)But heart without (Gm)you

I might not get (Cm)through it

Don't (Bb)know if I can (C)do it

Then modulate chours chords to the key of F (up 3 steps)

Also, you might try changing the Gm's in the verses to F#m.

Great tab though. tough song.
-falgorn | 11/12/2008
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