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Tanya Tucker - San Antonio Stroll (Chord)
Album: The Definitive Collection (2006)
Submitter: Ray Terry (70) on 12/23/06 2 comments
Month Views: 15 | Total Views: 7,835
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San Antonio Stroll
Tanya Tucker 	 

Intro: Mandolin: F#m-G#m-C#m
        	 Guitar: A-B-D-E-A
A                           B
When I was a child down in South Caroline, 
            D        E           A    E
Soon's the Saturday sun went on down
               A                           B
My folks and sister would go and leave me home all alone
      D             E              A 
Going to that big square dance in town 

        F#m                       C#m
Well my old radio would play that old opry show
      Bm        E           A
So I never got lonesome or blue
           F#m                   C#m
I'd fall asleep in my chair and dream that I was right there
      Bm                B      E
Just singing the whole night through

          A                               B
When my folks would come home, They'd be humming a song
         D               E              F#m 
Mama'd smile and say, "Child, don't you know",
                D                               A            F#m
There ain't a thing in this world, to make you fall in love girl, 
          B     E      A      E
Like the San Antonio Stroll"


          A                        B
Well the day finally come when my mama said, hun
            D             E          A    E
It's 'bout time you came with us as well
        A                     B
Well I had me a time, yes I danced all the night
          D             E              A
Til they rang that ol' crack-midnight bell

           F#m                               C#m
Then the lights went down low, The fiddler picked up his bow
         Bm               E         A
And he played something steady and slow
         F#m                  C#m
And my sister Irene and her husband to be
            Bm        B        E
They held hands and began to stroll

            A                        B
I've been away for a while, but it still brings a smile
         D           E          F#m
When I think of the way that it goes
          D                         A        F#m
 Now I'll sing it to you just so we both can do
          B     E      A     E
That old San Antonio Stroll


          D                         A       F#m 
Yes I'll sing it to you just so we all can do
          B     E      A
That old San Antonio Stroll

Outro: A-B-D-E-A
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
All the Fm are F#m and all the Cm are C#m
-BrianEarlHaines | 5/6/2014
Thanks Brian, I made the changes.
This happened a few years back when the site was hacked. When we resubmitted the songs all the #'s did not copy. Thanks for the heads up.
-Ray Terry | 5/9/2014
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