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Tim McGraw - Open Season On My Heart (Chord)
Album: Live Like You Were Dying (2004)
Submitter: EMRLDEYZS (26) on 8/25/04 10 comments
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Tabbed By: Emrldeyzs

INTRO: D Dmaj7 2x's


D                            Dmaj7
Here's to the corners yet to turn
G                            Gm
Here's to the bridges yet to burn
D                               E 
Here's to the whole thing blown apart
G          A            D 
 It's open season on my heart


D                          Dmaj7
The days go by like flying bricks
G                             Gm  
Leave gaping holes too deep to fix
D                            E
I'd just stay home if I were smart
G          A            D       
 It's open season on my heart


G                        F#m
I can't blame anyone but me
A                               D
This reckless fool I've come to be
G                           F#m
My tired excuses just don't fit
Em                       A       
It don't look good from where I sit


D                                 Dmaj7
I've tried to change without much luck
G                               Gm
I reached the point where I get stuck
D                                  E
I hit the streets and the fireworks start
G          A            D
 It's open season on my heart

INSTR: D Dmaj7 G Gm D E G A D


G                             F#m
I can't be something that I'm not
A                           D
I can't give what I haven't got
G                            F#m  
I don't know where or why or when
Em                        A
I only know the shape I'm in

D                                  Dmaj7
So here's to the clown down in the mouth
G                               Gm
Here's to the whole thing going south
D                              E 
My own true love's turned poison dart
G          A            D      
 It's open season on my heart

INSTR: D  Dmaj7  G  Gm

D                              E 
Here's turning heartaches into art
G          A            D 
 It's open season on my heart

OUTRO: D Dmaj7 D Dmaj7  D -FADE
 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Updated it, Thank you all for the feedback
-EMRLDEYZS | 8/25/2004
hi , this is great song and you did
a very nice job tabbing it.
I just have one suggestion.
in the choruses I think the
chords are g fm a d g fm em a.
what do you think???
nice job thanks jason
-cntrypicker | 8/28/2004
i think your right jason...
-hanson_fan123 | 9/8/2004
The verse chords are: D, Dmaj7, G , Gm
Dmaj7 in place of A
-frieds_09 | 10/18/2004
Oh yeah - the Fm is actually a F#m.
-frieds_09 | 10/18/2004
I thought the A was a Dmaj7 too
but I wasn't sure so I used the A.
Thanks so much.
-EMRLDEYZS | 10/18/2004
I love the different sound of the chords in this song. Excellent tab!
-Shantel | 10/23/2004
how do we play that D major 7?
-CowboyBri | 12/5/2004
Dmaj7 xx0222
-EMRLDEYZS | 12/5/2004
well i tried it this way and i dont think that it is played like this , so i listen to the song and i learned the real way i might put in the tab, i played it with the song all night and i know that it is the way you play (my way)i might submit it sometime so if you want to play the song put the capo on the second frett go from E to B to A to AM in that order (just listen to the song and you will know when you do the chord changes (ill submitt it)
-e_tellor | 9/2/2005
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