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Tim McGraw - Please Remember Me (Chord)
Album: A Place In the Sun (1999)
Submitter: geetar81 (3) on 4/28/02 6 comments
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    Capo on the 1st Fret

    Am           G                      F
    When all our tears have reached the sea
    C                G
    Part of you will live in me
    F                        C
    Way down deep in side my heart
    Am            G              F
    The days keep coming without fail
    C                           G
    New wind is gonna find your sail
    F                         C
    That's where your journey starts

    G           C    
    You'll find better love
    Strong as it ever was        
    Deep as the river runs      
    F                   F        
    Warm as the morning sun      
    C  G            F C
    Please remember me

    Am            G                 F
    Just like the waves down by the shore
    C                        G
    I'm gonna keep on comin' back for more
    F                          C
    Cause' we don't ever wanna stop
    Am          G                   F
    Out in this brave new world you see
    C                       G
    Oh, the valleys and the peaks
    F                        C
    And I can see you on the top


    G        F                C 
    Remember me when your out walking
    G         F                       C
    When snow falls high outside your door
    G       F                   C 
    Late at night when your not sleeping
    F                                G 
    And moon light falls across your floor
    Am          G        F        G
    And I can't hurt you anymore.  

    C  G           F  C
    Please remember me

    Figured some people might want a Capoed version.  :)   
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Deep as the river runs

In stead of

Deep as the river runs

Intro: F2 Am7 F2 C C9 C C9 C

-rt@countrytabs | 5/26/2003
-freedom | 11/24/2003
OMG This song is one of my favorites and it sounds GREAT on my guitar and
I can't play that well and i have a crappy Guitar. Good Job!
-renee4041 | 4/20/2004
if anyone is feeling generous..could you email me the strum new at this and i don't know how to figure it out. my email is thank you so much!
-cwbylove923 | 1/3/2005
I really need this song made into tabs, with numbers. i never learned any cords just tabs. so if any one can find it in their hearts to write a young cowboy the cords i would be mighty thankful.
-202killa | 4/11/2005
you were really good at figuring this out, i only heard a couple of things that did not sound quite right but thats ok . i liked it

oh yah and , keep up the good work!!!!!
-e_tellor | 1/17/2006
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