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Toby Keith - Honky Tonk U (Chord)
Album: Honkytonk University (2005)
Submitter: WildCard76 (184) on 2/9/05 38 comments
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Toby Keith
Album: TBD
Submitted by: Christopher R.
8:03 PM 2/9/2005

(Play this song in 'Drop-D Tuning')

NOTE: The intro is played with alternating bass notes....
D/A  =  x0x232
D/B  =  x2x232
D/C  =  x3x232

Intro: (D)  (D)  (D/A) (D/B) (D/C) (D/B)  (D)
(D/A) (D/B) (D/C) (D/B)   (D)   (D)   (D)

My grand(D)mother owned a night club
On the (Cadd9) Arkansas (G) Oklahoma (D) line
Mama put me on a Greyhound
And I went to stay with her in the summer(A7)time
I'd (G) box up those empty long-necks
And (Cadd9) stack 'em in the (G) back and make a (D) hand (G)
Then at (D) night she'd let me sneak out
Of the (Cadd9) kitchen and (G) sit in with the (D) band

Yes, (D) I have sacked some quarterbacks
And (Cadd9) broke my share of (G) bones along the (D) way
I knew it wouldn't last forever 
Semi-pro always means semi-pa(A7)yed
I (G) started climbing drilling rigs
I'm (Cadd9) oil field trash and (G) proud as I can (D) be, (G) yeah
Then I (D) took my songs and guitar
And (Cadd9) sang 'em to a (G) man from Tenness(D)ee

  I've played (G) every beer joint tavern 
  From (Cadd9) New York City (G) out to Pasad(D)ena 
  Every corn dog fair and rodeo
  And sold out every basketball ar(A7)ena
  Like to (D) get down with my boys 
  In Af(Cadd9)ghanistan and (G) Baghdad City (D) too (G)
  I am a (D) red, white and (F) blue blood
  (Cadd9) Graduate of (G) Honky Tonk (D) U

Repeat Intro

--Key Change--

A (E) star can't burn forever
And the (D) brightest ones will (A) someday lose their (E) shine
But the glass won't ever be
Half empty in my optimistic (B7) mind
I'll still (A) have a song to sing
And a (D) band to turn it (A) up and play it (E) loud (A)
As (E) long as there's a bar room
With a (D) corner stage and a (A) honky tonk (E) crowd

  I've played (A) every beer joint tavern 
  From (D) New York City (A) out to Pasad(E)ena 
  Every corn dog fair and rodeo
  And sold out every basketball ar(B7)ena
  Like to (E) get down with my boys 
  In Af(D)ghanistan and (A) Baghdad City (E) too (A)
  Son, I'm a (E) red, white and (G) blue blood
  (D) Graduate of (A) Honky Tonk (E) U

  That's right a (E) red, white and (G) blue blood
  (D) Graduate of (A) Honky Tonk (E) U

 Comments (click here to add a non-facebook comment)
Wow!!! Don't know how you guys do it. I'm sure it's perfect. Thanks a ton for puttin' this out so quickly. We had some fun with it last night back in my hometown. 5 guitars, 2 banjos, some bongos, and "Mo Wine" amongst 6 couples, all marchin' to the beat during our 8 bar tour known as the Colorado Street Stumble. Nice touch TK. The boys from Pasadena diggin' you! were every wife's hero last night in Pasadena!
-jojocoontree | 2/13/2005
Thanks for the comment. You guys
are way too kind!!!!!!
-WildCard76 | 2/13/2005
Good tab, but it's not to great of a song. Toby really should've brought out "go with her"
-cool_hand459 | 2/17/2005
I know we've all got out opinions but I think this is a damn good song. I'll even go out on a limb and say it'll be somewhat of an anthem. Its the kinda song alotta people can relate to. That's just my take. And I almost forgot NICE TAB!!
-J-MR | 2/18/2005
I agree, totally. It's high time that
Toby wrote a 'country' song. The past
few songs that he's released to radio
have been somewhat pop-ish. This is
one of my favorite Toby Keith songs.
-WildCard76 | 2/18/2005
This song is incredible. Never has Waylon Jennings been channelled so well...
Not that I'm comparing Toby Keith to Waylon. Of course not.

What the hell. Great tab, man, great tab. Par for the course.
-twizzle05 | 2/20/2005
Incredible man!
-DUCKBUSTER501 | 2/21/2005
Great job on the tab. Thanks

-rmawer | 2/23/2005
Great tab, but has anyone tried to do this in standard tuning. I have no idea how to do drop d
-tony.roe | 2/25/2005

-willford_james | 2/25/2005
How can this song be an anthem, it's a really personal song but the lyrics are too simple. It's Toby's worst song he's had
-cool_hand459 | 2/27/2005
Drop D tuning, tune the bass "E" string to a "D". This is one of his best songs thanks for the chords.
-cadkins | 3/4/2005
People who appreciate country know this is a great song and if you don't like the song then why are you looking at the tab, but just for anybody who doesn't know how to tune the low E string to D, play the low E on the 7th fret until it sounds like the A string
-BlackFire411VM | 3/8/2005
And by the way GREAT TAB!!
-BlackFire411VM | 3/8/2005
I totally agree. The lyrics of this song
could NOT be any countrier! People who
don't like this song, must not know what
country music is. It's not all about
soccor moms and SUVs.
-WildCard76 | 3/8/2005
Nice job on the song. This is a cool one it brings back some of the old country sound.
-Todd Bub | 3/13/2005
I need to know how to make all the chords in the intro except for D
If someone could do that i would appreciate it
-cowboy31 | 3/14/2005
I need to know how to make all the chords in the intro except for D
If someone could do that i would appreciate it
-cowboy31 | 3/14/2005
I tried to submit this as the lead tab but i have never done it and didnt know how i just watched the music video and played around a bit and i thought it was pretty close so tell me what you think
-wilks1012 | 3/19/2005
Lol I am not much on toby keith, but i do like this song, because i can relate to it very closely, any true country finatic would know the opening riffs very well, it goes to a little ballad called the long hard ride. outta d, or E, If I was any good at tabbing this stuff I would show ya how that was played. But all in all good job on this one...
-KJ_CHRIS | 3/25/2005
i think toby really got back to the roots of country music with this song, and i for one am glad. i'm twenty years old and don't listen to much music put out while i've been alive. classic country will live on if we could get the queer "boy bands" out. you're right WildCard soccer moms and SUVs ain't country where i come from. great tab
-jrquatt | 3/31/2005
You did a great job tabbing, and had it on here pretty quick, I dont know how you figured it out that fast, but good work. Thanks for the tab
-speed2345 | 3/31/2005
stack'em in the back and make a hand.

-P.A.LinZ | 4/2/2005
The lyrics are actually "I have sacked some quaterbacks" not " I have sacks and quaterbacks?" that doesn't even make sense.
-stevenstreet483 | 4/19/2005
Great artist, great music, great song, great tab and finally great job. For the lead in, I tried this
E -----------------------------
B -----------------------------
G -----------------------------
D --------0--3-0---------------
A ----0-2--------0-2-4-2-0------
E -------------------------p3-0
I'm not trying to step on toes, just tried this and liked how it sounded, check it out! Keep on tabbing!
-jkbindon | 5/5/2005

-jkbindon | 5/5/2005

-wesie | 5/14/2005
im havin a little trouble finding the rythm if anyone could help me out just post it on this site
-wesie | 5/15/2005
This IS doubt.

Whats the best way to transfer from the Cadd9 to the G in drop D?
-DMBrules | 5/21/2005
On the line "I like to get down with my boys in Afganastan and Bahgdad city too." the chords are D-Cadd9-G-D and E-D-A-E after the chord change. That's how he does it on the video and live, and I think it sounds alot more like the recording. and someone asked about the intro chords, they are the same porgression as the one I just listed.
-falgorn | 5/24/2005
Would someone please explain cadd9. is this a c 9th ??
-Flydtmn | 5/25/2005
The "Cadd9" is "x32033". I'm not sure why it's called a "Cadd9", that's just the name of it.
-falgorn | 6/2/2005
how do you play the G in the dropped D tuning
-Mkjslot | 6/9/2005
you can play the g like this (no low root)

-jmuelss | 6/23/2005
Or as such:


Getting the bass note in there if you're playing this solo is kind of essential.
-iowaeric | 6/29/2005
I'd like to see some picking tabs.
-E900 | 11/17/2005
Could you also post some strumming patterns
-E900 | 11/17/2005
this is THE country song to top all songs! i love it. so much of what we call "country" these days isnt really, Toby did a great job with this song and you did too. Good job!
-brandtfan | 11/20/2005
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